July 23, 2013

how to make your ponytail pop

I've got thick-hair-girl problems. My ponytails literally look like a horse's mane. Heavy. But I figured out a little trick to make my ponytail stand up a bit.

Fair warning, it's not the most comfortable thing in the world. But its perfect for a short amount of time, like church or a date night when you want to give your pony a bit more oompf.

And all it takes is two strategically placed bobby pins underneath your ponytail.
Try it!

For another way to boost your ponytail, see my post here.


  1. That's pretty sneaky. Like it!

  2. Not sure I understand how these are placed. Visiting from your blog review with Hobby to Hot. Have a great week.

  3. I use a small hair clip for extra oompf. I clip it under my ponytail, just below the elastic band. It's comfy too!

  4. ^Like Theresa, I use a small claw clip but in the middle of the ponytail (like if it was divided to be braided or something). It's much more comfortable. _lenak

  5. There is basically no difference between the two pictures. Tease your hair if you want it bigger.

    1. Seriously. They look exactly alike haha