August 21, 2013

my blog-ifesto

I have been thinking about what I want for this blog, and who I am (thanks to having to write up a bunch of bios and site descriptions lately), and I've been looking at other mommy/craft/decor/beauty/recipe blogs to get ideas for layout and features.  There are a lot of voices out there.

Some blogs I have realized I just can't follow. Blogs that have the skinny beautiful mom, with adorable children, taking gorgeous pictures of a gourmet meal in a perfectly decorated house. Comparison is the thief of happiness, and I can just feel the happiness getting sucked away when I see their blogs or Instagrams. My life pales in comparison. That feeling just sucks, and it is the last thing that I want my readers to feel. (Fat chance anyway, since I have none of those things going for me! Well, except for the adorable children part. They're pretty great.)

My goal here is not to intimidate. Instead, I want to encourage, support and inspire. And maybe entertain, if I'm lucky.

I'm not trying to throw anybody under the bus, to each their own. But I thought I'd break it down and explain who I am and what this blog is, just so we're all clear.

What I am NOT :

I am not hipster trendy. So if you're looking for that, sorry for the letdown. I just don't think I'll ever be the mom rocking the vintage band tshirt (that somehow looks sexy) with printed skinnies, heels and scarf-headband-turban thing. My kids will probably never own a pair of moccasins, or wear fur, or lace rompers (I despise those!). My house doesn't have any owls, or silhouette prints of my kids, or anthro rugs, or ikat fabric. I just am not into it. Maybe I'm old and out of touch, but whatever. It's not me.

Speaking of old, I'm not into pretending that I'm young. I'm in my early 30's, and I plan on dressing/acting like it. On a similar note, I'm not into pretending my kids are older than they are. We do binkies and bottles and cribs as long as possible, and my girls wear age appropriate clothes. I want to keep them sweet and innocent as long as possible.

I'm not into pretending my life is perfect. Its not. But I do think its important to focus on the good, so I will try to keep things positive around here.

What I AM:

I'm into making life easier. God bless Google. Someone, somewhere has figured out a better/easier way to do anything and everything you can imagine. And thanks to the interwebs, we all have access to it. Let's benefit from it. I love to share what I find, and I'm always open to new ideas.

I'm always looking for ways to be better. Better mom, better wife, better friend, better person. There is so much out there for me to learn. I look back at how I was 2 years ago, or 10 years ago, and it blows my mind. I think I've come a loooong way. I'm particularly into reading about health/wellness, parenting and relationships. And its hard to keep my mouth shut when any of those topics come up in conversation. You'll see.

I like styles that are classic. I like to wear and decorate with things that are nice and timeless. J.Crew and Banana Republic (clearance and sales). I like Crate&Barrel. I like Carters and OshKosh. And I LOVE Target. In an unhealthy sort of way.

I like projects that I can whip up quickly. Otherwise, there's a good chance I'll get distracted with another project in the meantime, and I'll never finish anything. My craft room has at least a few dozen half-finished projects. Two nap-times is pretty much my max craft-attention-span.

I like feeling good about myself. I have gone through ...low-maintenance phases in my life, and I don't look back on them fondly.  I have learned that I feel better about myself when I put some effort into looking good. I try and get ready every day (ok, a least 9 out of 10 days), and get new pieces to add to my closet as often as the budget allows.

I like to cook yummy things. My mom taught me a few things, and the Food Network has taught me a few things, and the rest I've learned through trial and error. Its so satisfying to create something delicious. Especially when you can put your own spin on a recipe and have it work out. My husband is not a man of many compliments, but he will readily agree I am a dang good cook.

What I promise to do here at The How To Mom:

I promise to keep the content original. You don't need me to regurgitate what others have said. I'll occasionally do round-ups to organize things, but for the most part, I'm going to do the writing.

Unless my husband takes some photography classes, or I hire a photographer to follow me around full time, I will probably not be posting pictures of my perfectly assembled outfit while walking down an empty street, or thoughtfully checking out something in the distance. You know what I'm talking about. 

I will never let the lure of sponsors/reviews/giveaways ruin what I want to do here. I'm so tired of weird reviews and giveaways with complicated instructions and strings attached. Tired of giveaways in general, my eyes gloss over when I see one... too gimmicky, not interested.

I promise to keep things practical.  No need to pile on a bazillion extra things on your to-do list that aren't really necessary.  I hope to provide tips and tricks to make life easier.  Simpler.  Better.  Happier.

I hope that gives you a good feel for what I'm trying to do here. I hope you'll stick around!


  1. Love everything about you Kylie. You amaze me and I love reading your blog and will always be a fan. Oh, and "binkies, bottles, and bibs for as long as possible"... now that's not only smart but shows how wise you are too. HUGS!

    1. Thank you Marn. You always make me feel good!

  2. I know... I meant "cribs"... but bibs also. =}

    1. bibs works too, especially if you have slobbery kids...

  3. This is SO refreshing. Amen, amen, amen. I am also SO not trendy, so I'm drawn to this! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I didn't know you had a blog! I saw your wreath on pinterest and thought, I've seen that on Instagram before and voila, found it. Can't wait to see what you share! Best of luck :)

    1. Janvier, thank you! This seriously made my day. :) I love your style. I'm dying to see your new place, you should post more pics on Insta!

  4. Amen to everything you said. I'm part of the Utah Bloggers FB group, and never visited your site before. I love it! I think we should be friends! :) You're my kind of girl!

    Angee :)

  5. Just found your blog from Weekend Retreat. Love your message. I believe very similarly. Will definitely be following,

  6. "...walking down an empty street, or thoughtfully checking out something in the distance. You know what I'm talking about." I DO know what you're talking about! Those make me laugh too. I'm thinking about doing a few WIWW posts in near-ish future, but I was even going to introduce it with a sentiment so similar to yours. SO hahaha, I loved this.

    Keep on keepin it real, girl!

    1. Ooo, looking forward to seeing how you handle it! (and what you wear ;)

      So happy to have you stop by here! Thanks for commenting too.