December 22, 2013

Easy Mini-Ornament Garland

I've loved the ornament garland that I've seen on Pinterest (like this), but after pricing it out... not really a good option for me. I would need a LOT of ornaments. Then I remembered some extra mini-ornaments I had in my stash, and got out some 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon and went to work!

I measured out how much ribbon I would need, and then trimmed the end of the ribbon to a point, so it would fit through the hole, and strung the ornaments on. The ribbon frays on the end, but its not a big deal, I just trimmed it when I was done. Since the ornaments are so light, they stay put on the ribbon wherever you place them. The I just used some extra tulle I had on hand to tie it in place on the banister.

I LOVE the way it turned out, and it was so quick and easy to do. (I know, I know. It would look so much better on a white or black banister, but oh well, we're renting.) I also like that it's kid-friendly, so I don't have to worry if my girls play with it a little. If I see more plastic mini-ornaments on after-Christmas sales, I will definitely snatch them up. I think these would be cute strung on the tree, or hung across the windows. Everywhere!

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  1. Super cute! I got some mini ornaments from the dollar spot and this is a great idea for them!

    Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek

    1. Thanks Katie! I have a hard time not buying mini-ornaments when I see them. Glad to have another way to use them! :)