December 10, 2013

Simple Artisan Bread

Now that its cold outside (SO COLD!), I can start making my favorite crusty artisan bread again! I mix it up at night before I go to bed, let it sit on the counter all night (getting slightly sour and yummy!) and the in the morning, I literally pat it with flour and plop it in a hot Le Crueset french oven and bake it for a bit.

The result is ah-mazing.  Crusty on the outside, tender with a slight tang on the inside. The longer you let it sit, the more "sourdough" flavor you get.

You do have to have your oven on pretty high for a while, so that's why I wait til its wintertime to do it. Its fun to warm up the kitchen on a frosty morning, and then have fresh hot bread. Mmmm!!!

The link to the recipe I use is here from Simply So Good.

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  1. I can practically taste it! I dont yet have a dutch oven but I'm getting one for Christmas woohoo! This might be the very thing that christens my new pot.

    1. Lucky girl! I hope it turns out great for you! :)