February 11, 2014

Easy and girly Valentine - sweet and simple!

We are all about simple and girly in this house! Last year (pre-blogging days) we whipped up these cute Valentines for my daughter's preschool party. She loooooved using the foam stickers and gems to decorate the wings. I loved that I didn't have to print anything out, and that they cost like $2 for the whole thing, but were still unique and personalized. We originally used craft foam for the wings, but I found these cute pre-cut butterflies at the dollar store this year, and they are perfect! Last year we tried to glue googly eyes onto the Dum-Dums, but since the wrapper is waxy, they all fell off. This year we're opting for eyes drawn on with a Sharpie.

Easy! And cheap! And fun! My kind of project.

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  1. I love these! Such a cute and easy idea!!!