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I’m baaaaaack!

Holy 6 months since I blogged last!

We’re all settled in our new home in St Louis. I am loving it here! I love the crazy Midwest storms (even with the tornado warnings and the lightning strike in my front yard!).  I love the humidity and how noisy the bugs and frogs are at night (as long as they stay outside). There are so many amazing museums and fun things to do here. And the shopping! Ohhhh the shopping. The people are nice, its GORGEOUS and green and hilly. Its fun to be in a new place, and to have new adventures!


As much as I loved living near so much of my family in Utah, its been really good for us to move out here. I’ve spent the last 6 months thinking less about “me” and more about my little family. I used to spend so much of my time focusing on what I wanted to do, what I needed to get done, errands I needed to run, events I needed to go to. My goals. Me time. Me, me, me. Which is ok, in moderation. But now that I’m away from it, I can see how bad I was letting it get. I was constantly dumping my kids off at my mom’s or my sister’s so I could do my own thing. So bad. Moving kind of gave me a clean break. I went from working part-time and blogging in (all of) my spare time, to …just being a mom. Driving kids to and from school, chores around the house, taking the toddler to the park, helping with homework, making dinner. Hanging out. Less about “me” and more about “them.” Moving away kind of does that, you go from having a whole network of family and friends to hang out with, that can help watch kids, etc., to just being a tight-knit little family again. Its been a bit of an adjustment, but it has forced me to be more self-reliant. Its been a good thing. I think we’ll be very happy here.

But I’m sorry for the 6 month hiatus. I figured I’d take a month off to get settled, but I never really jumped back in. I go back and forth about how I feel about blogging and what it means to be “a blogger.” On one hand I very much dislike the narcissistic and superficial side of blogging and social media. Assuming that people are an the edge of their seats just waiting to hear what someone has to say, or what someone is wearing. Ugh. So much time is spent promoting yourself, which makes me feel weird. Some women have thousands of Instagram followers, and just thinking about that gives me an ulcer. So much scrutiny! Anonymity it much more appealing to me. But on the other hand, I do like being helpful. I like sharing good ideas, or quick tips…


I’ve decided to drop in and say hello today, and open this blog back up for occasional posting. Quick and simple stuff. Helpful and encouraging stuff. Sound good? I’m going to try to stay away from huge projects and elaborate posts. It just takes too much time away from my family. And its not really my thing anyway.

I also have some news (if you follow me on Instagram – @thehowtomom – you probably already know…) I’m pregnant! We’re expecting a baby BOY in January. I could tell almost from the very beginning that it was a boy. It’s just been a different pregnancy than with my girls. My early symptoms were different, I felt queasy in the evening instead of the morning, I’ve had frequent headaches (not a single one with my girls!), my skin is different, my hair hasn’t stopped falling out …just random things. And we’re thrilled to have a boy! My husband is so excited to not be the lone ranger in a house full of drama anymore. 🙂

But thankfully, I’m feeling great, and with fall and the holidays right around the corner, I’m feeling inspired to get organized and finish up some projects. (Probably because both my girls are in school, and I have time on my hands!) Be on the look out for easy recipes, simple meal plans, inexpensive beauty tips, and a few quick DIYs! Tomorrow I’m going to try a couple of craft room storage DIYs from Pinterest, and fingers crossed they turn out. Its time to tackle the exploding ugly mess otherwise known as my sewing space.

Boy, it feels good to be back!

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Liz Mrozowski

Thursday 11th of September 2014

So glad you are back and loving your new home! That's always a good thing. Congrats on your pregnancy!mi am also pregnant with my third...due in March ;)

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead

Tuesday 9th of September 2014

First of all, welcome back!!! (In whatever form you decide to carry on) I've been thinking about ya and wondering how you're doing.

Your friend Tia said it so well - I love your self-awareness too. Your move and what you shared about it makes me think about any adjustments I need to make in my life too. So thanks.

And AHHH CONGRATULATIONS on the baby boy! That is fantastic news!


Thursday 4th of September 2014

I love your self awareness. It's so easy to have priorities shift when you get involved in lots of "me" things. I am excited for you and your family!!

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