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natural treatments for common issues “down there”

I know this isn’t a typical blog topic, but I’m throwing it out there in hopes that it might make someone’s life a bit easier. Plus, its a genius tip, and I don’t see how else it will come up in conversation.

A few weeks ago, a friend confided that she she was suffering with a killer yeast infection, and the meds her doctor put her on weren’t helping. It reminded me of a website that I stumbled upon awhile back, Earth Clinic, and a blurb I read about getting rid of yeast infections with raw apple cider vinegar (ACV). So we looked it up, and she tried it out, and it totally worked! She said she felt relief almost immediately, and the infection completely cleared up within a couple days.

There are lots of variations on the method, but what she did was drink 2 Tbsp raw ACV mixed with 1 c cold water and a drizzle of honey to make it not taste as gross (kinda tastes like drinking a vinaigrette). She drank it twice a day, and then took a bath once a day with about 1 c ACV added to the water. She said it kinda stung a bit down there while sitting in the tub, but not unbearable. And totally worth it.

For women who are prone to yeast infections, drinking the ACV mixture regularly can help prevent them, by regulating your body’s pH. And of course, a good probiotic is another great way to stay healthy.

The Earth Clinic also has an awesome section on bacterial vaginosis (BV) and using diluted hydrogen peroxide baths and douches to get rid of it.

ACV and hydrogen peroxide are both really inexpensive, and have lots of other health related and/or cleaning related uses. Definitely good to have on hand.

Hopefully someone finds this helpful!

PS Obviously, I am not a doctor. This is just for informational/educational purposes only. If you have a medical issue or concern, please consult with your physician.

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Monday 2nd of September 2013

Yes thank you so much! Sometimes people shy away from posting things like this, but it happens to the best of us!


Thursday 5th of September 2013



Thursday 5th of September 2013

You're welcome :) It is a delicate subject, but not one we can always ignore! haha


Monday 2nd of September 2013

Thank you so much for posting this. So so helpful. I will have to try next time.


Thursday 5th of September 2013

You're welcome! I hope its a long time before you need it! ;)

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