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About Susan

Hello I am Susan. I am a housewife and mother of two grown kids. Since starting a family early in life, I have seen many seasons of motherhood already with more to go. I actually have 4 kids, two have gone on to heaven as babies in miscarriage. 

I learned to juggle when I was in drama in high school and still do today. But so much of what I learned in juggling applies to life. We must have balance or we will drop the ball.

Children are such a gift. I was a homeschool mom for 11 years and President of a homeschool group for four years I had founded. I was surrounded by a lot of kids for years and loved every minute of it. 

Learning to navigate life since my kids have grown up and moved on was hard at first for this empty nester mom. I had focused all on them and not me.

Cutting those aprons strings that were tied so tight seemed easier said than done. I struggled with who I am outside of mom when they left. I needed balance. 

But I came to realize mothering does not stop there. Your kids will always need you to some degree. As well as others who need the heart of a mother. A mother’s nurturing heart does not stop beating once the kids are gone and it will not be wasted if you look for ways to repurpose it!

I went on to volunteer in many organizations. I also volunteer with seniors who need a lot of nurturing. I teach kids how to speak English from other countries.

I have also taken motherhood to my next level and taken time with kids regularly who are in need or orphaned and even aged out fosters and given them the love of a mother. 

In this new season I have also found time to finally do some things I never got to do when my biological kids were little to create balance.

I have gone back to school to obtain my degree in Theology, currently learning to fly a plane, political involvement, have authored a book, travel adventures, zip lining, take time to craft more, starting a business, and so much more.

All while still using my mothering heart to love others!

I am still an example to my grown kids. So are you!

You are a mom that is spectacular! But don’t forget that you are so much more!

Remember, no matter what stage of motherhood you are in, you are an example to your kids, whether they are small or grown!

Of course, you support your kids in going after their dreams, right? How much more power is there in that if they see mom reaching for the sky as well and touching it too!