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About Me

Kylie Harris is The How To Mom

Oh hey, friend! I’m glad you found me! My name is Kylie Harris and I’m a happily married, late-thirties mama to three young kids. We’ve recently moved from sunny South Carolina to Utah, and are hoping to move closer to the beach again soon!

I spend an embarrassing about of time looking at my phone (we’re all trying to cut back, right??), but in my defense, I’m almost always reading! I LOVE learning new things and looking stuff up. I pride myself on being able to figure almost anything out in one well-worded Google search. It’s a party trick, lol! I love podcasts (Better than Happy with Jody Moore is my favorite), Pinterest (see what I’m pinning here!) and books (mostly non-fiction, surprise surprise!)

Kylie Harris and family

My mom was the best at totally indulging and encouraging my creative and crafty side growing up. I was making puffy painted tote bags, homemade candles, pottery, Barbie furniture and friendship bracelets at twelve. These days I’m making wreaths and friendship bracelets with my girls.

I’m happiest when I’m making things. Or just admiring my rainbowtized craft supplies, haha.

I absolutely love helping others. I especially can’t keep my mouth shut about the cutest mom-friendly swimsuits, the benefits of meditation and morning routines, and how to tweak things to run better at home. I don’t always take my own advice, but like I tell my kids, “Mistakes are for learning!” This blog is an extension of my desire to help and share what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully you find something helpful too!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’d love to catch up on Instagram (@thehowtomom), and it’d be great to have you join my friends on FB at If you want to drop me an email, its thehowtomom(at), and next time you visit Charleston, lets get some pralines and meet up at the beach!

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