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Meet The Authors and Crafters For The How To Mom!

Welcome to The How To Mom. We are a group of passionate moms and crafters. We share our best tips and hacks on parenting, relationships, and style. We also provide step-by-step guides to creating really fun and creative crafts.

Kylie is the original founder of The How To Mom. She started all of this with a simple blog in 2013.

Kylie is a mother of three and enjoys crafting, especially making gorgeous wreaths. She has since moved on to new adventures, but her contributions to the site live on.

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Articles and Crafts by Kylie

Teresa is a Registered Nurse and the mother of two.
She enjoys all aspects of home DIY, from simple crafts to complete home remodels.

See Teresa’s About Page.

Articles and Craft Projects by Teresa

Susan is a housewife and mother of two who enjoys crafting, juggling, volunteering, and even flying a plane. She founded a homeschool group and served as President of the group for four years.

See Susan’s About Page.

Craft Projects by Susan

Sam is a licensed mental health counselor and mother of two. She enjoys crafting and encourages honest communication with her children.

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Craft Projects by Sam