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About Teresa

I’m Teresa. I entered the world of parenting with no prior experience. I had no degree in parenting, no certification that proved I was ready. I’m sure my parents shared a lot of laughs over what was coming.

Still, I have raised two wonderful kids who have each surpassed my wildest expectations.

Let’s get this out of the way. I am not a perfect parent. I am always trying to be better. That’s about all that I can ask of myself.

I am a Registered Nurse and soaked up all of the knowledge I could on parenting from books and the internet.

I was one of those obsessed moms, always overreacting and thinking that a tiny cut on the finger was going to turn into a major infection and every cough was the first symptom of a raging flu virus.

With time, however, I have found a balance. A little paranoia mixed with a dose of “it’ll be fine”.

Challenges I Have Faced

Raising my kids has been my most challenging and rewarding life experience. I’ve encountered many situations that I was not prepared or qualified to take on.

Just a few of the common questions that I wrestled with:

  • How do you discipline a child without crushing their spirit?
  • How do you encourage your children to take risks but not take too big of risks?
  • Why do girls go crazy in their teenage years?
  • Why is there no owner’s manual issued with newborn babies?

My goal is to provide answers to the 1000+ questions every new parent asks. Thank you for being here.