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Easy Garland Wreath – The 15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath


This gorgeous farmhouse-style, easy garland wreath can be made in 15 minutes for $15!

The 15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath - Easy garland wreath DIY

When we were visiting my in-laws in NW Arkansas last month, my mother-in-law, Lisa, took me to the cutest home decor boutique. In the front window display, they had this gorgeous boxwood wreath.

Boxwood wreath inspiration

So classy and timeless! Lisa had been debating about buying the wreath for months I agreed it was beautiful, until I saw the price tag: $130!! Way more that I would spend! So I inspected it a bit and told her we could totally make something similar for like a fraction of that price.

And off to Hobby Lobby we went!

Unfortunately, they didn’t have true “boxwood,” so we improvised with a really pretty, perfectly green (you know what I’m talking about, not all fake greenery is created equal) swaggy garland thing.  We picked up a grapevine wreath to give it structure, headed home and whipped it up.

Easy greenery wreath tutorial - Hobby Lobby DIY

It turned out lovely. (I finished it after she had gone to bed, and hung it on the pantry door to surprise her, such a fun surprise!)

Easy Farmhouse Wreath DIY

And for WAYYYY less than $130!! When we got home from vacation, I thought about her wreath every time I opened my front door.  I admit, I coveted it. So today, I finally made my own! Do you want to make one too? Yes?? Yes!

Easy Garland Wreath Instructions


15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath DIY - supplies needed (Hobby Lobby)

So the wreath costs around $15, conditional on Hobby Lobby’s sales and the greenery you choose. The garland I bought was $24.99, but it was on sale for 50% off, and the grapevine wreath is $4.99, but I used a coupon to get it cheaper.

Even if those things aren’t currently on sale, (Tip! The floral section goes on sale every other week!) you could use their 40% off coupon, and still make it for a really good price. Just google “Hobby Lobby coupon” on your phone, click through, and then hand your phone to the cashier. Viola!

As for the ribbon, you could use what you have on hand, or get something similar to this chevron burlap ribbon. And if burlap isn’t your jam, I think a creamy white ribbon would be pretty. Or you could change out the bow seasonally!

Ok, let’s get started!

Stretch out the garland, and smooth/straighten it so that all of the branches are going the same direction. Lay it on the wreath and pick a spot and wire it to a branch of the wreath.

How to make a greenery and grapevine wreath - EASY!

And proceed around the wreath, wiring the garland on every 6 inches or so. It will be sparse in a few places, but don’t worry, we’ll fix it.

15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath - easy farmhouse-style garland wreath DIY

When you get back to the beginning, snip of the excess piece.

How to make a 15 minute, $15 wreath - Easy wreath DIY

It doesn’t look so pretty yet, but hang in there…
The 15 minute, 15 Dollar Wreath Tutorial

You’ll want to wire in any branches that are hanging out. And use the excess piece to fill in the sparse parts. I cut my extra piece into 3 pieces.  And I left one spot sparse, because I knew that’s where I was going to put the bow. And trim up the wires. I used a green Sharpie to color them to make them less noticeable.

Easy Garland Wreath DIY

For the bow

(easiest bow evah!)
I had to trim my ribbon down to a proportionate width. About 5 inches wide?
15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath - with a Chevron Bow

Then cross the ribbon like so…
How to make an easy bow for a wreath

and find the middle of the loop…
Easy wreath bow instructions

and then bring the middle of the loop to where the ribbon crosses…
Easy Bow for Wreaths - 15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath

then squish it up
Easy Burlap Bow for Garland Wreaths

and tie it up with a piece of wire (who am I fooling, its a twisty-tie.)
Burlap and Chevron Bow DIY

then cut a piece of ribbon (or fold it) to cover the wire
Easy Burlap Bow Instructions - 15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath

tie it, and then trim the ends so they don’t show
Burlap Bow for Farmhouse Wreath - Easy DIY

oh, and slip a twisty tie under that
15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath - Burlap Bow Instructions

then pick a spot on your wreath and wire it on securely.
15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath - Chevron Bow Instructions

15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath - Easy Farmhouse-Style Garland Wreath

I’ll be honest, it might take you longer than 15 minutes, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, and whether your kids are asleep or whether they’re “helping.” But its still super easy and super fast. And super good looking!


I would love to see your finished wreath!
Tag your pic on Instagram or Twitter #howtomomwreath
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Easy Garland Wreath - only 15 minutes & 15 dollars!

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Amy Naumowicz

Wednesday 18th of May 2016

Can I ask where you found the boxwood for the wreath? I have looked at every Hobby Lobby and see nothing.

Petrina Wong

Friday 19th of June 2015

Thanks for the inspiration! It was fun and easy to make. Here is how mine turned out x 2 (as I have a double door).


Thursday 18th of June 2015

thank you for the inspiration, I made one last week.

Gallant Lady

Tuesday 27th of January 2015

I love your wreath and DIY! I made my own on my blog! I featured your site on my blog, please check it out :)


Friday 7th of March 2014

I did it and LOVE it! Thank you so much for posting about it, makes me happy every single time I drive up to my house! Although I'm not as skilled so it took me a little longer and cost a little bit more :)

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