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100+ Easy Dinner Ideas – FREE PRINTABLE


What’s for dinner, mamas?

That thought creeps in around 3 o’clock everyday.

I try to menu plan each week, and some weeks it works out. And some weeks, not so much. But I have found that a crucial part of menu planning is having a list of what my family likes to eat, so that I can have a starting point, when my mind goes blank at about 3 o’clock.

So I compiled a list of my family’s favorites, made it pretty, and decided to share it with YOU!

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I have printed the list out and taped it to the inside cover of my planner. I think another great spot would be on the side of your fridge or taped to the inside door of your spice cupboard. (Am I the only weird one who tapes recipes to the inside of their cupboard doors? Yes?)

A handful of the recipes can be found here on The How To Mom (they’ve got an asterisk). Just use the search box in the sidebar to find them. I plan to add more recipes here soon!

Many of the easy dinner ideas don’t really need a recipe, and some can be found with a quick Google or Pinterest search.

Did I forget any of YOUR family’s favorites? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media (@thehowtomom).

AND if you think your any of your momma friends would also like to print this list of 100+ Easy Dinner Ideas, go ahead and send them this way! Thanks!

Easy Dinner Ideas - FREE printable with 100+ ideas!

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