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3 beauty tips that changed my life


Have you heard of Maskcara? I bet you fifty bucks you’ve seen (and probably pinned) her pins on Pinterest.

Finding her changed my life.

Well, ehhh… Slight exaggeration.
She changed my makeup life.

Occasionally I get in a lazy rut with my hair and makeup. When I found Maskcara this summer, I was just slipping into a lazy mom funk, and she saved me. She inspired me to try a little harder to look a little better. And looking better made me feel better, and on it goes.

Its amazing what a boost a new makeup trick can give you!

So in case you aren’t already stalking Maskcara (like me and a few friends are…), here are her top 3 posts that changed my (beauty) life.

Baggy Dark Circle Rehab
Total genius. I have dark circles like crazy (I use 3 different cover-ups/foundation on them), and this tip to bring down the cover-up into a triangle shape was revolutionary!

HAC Yourself Flawless
I don’t really use the nose part of the contouring, but the cheeks! I have a fat …fuller face, so to be able to define some subtle cheekbones is awesome. I have some white and brown cream eye shadow that I’ve been using, but coverup and bronzer work too.

Brow School

Best posts about eyebrows that I’ve ever seen! So many example photos and before/afters. After reading these posts, I started growing mine in and have been really happy with them. I think it makes my face look more polished. But be warned, you might become an eyebrow critic, and be tempted to start passing along her website to your over-plucked/badly drawn friends.

And want to know the pin that started it all for me?

This one about Common Beauty Blunders. Look at that before and after! So natural and pretty. Amazing.

Her blog is a gold mine of beauty tips, so get the kids settled and grab a snack. You’ll be there a while!

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