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Say it with a smile


I’ve had multiple requests to write more about parenting since my How to Fix Your Child’s Attitude post last month. It’s been hard though. There is a lot I want to talk about, but I’m not an expert. Frankly, I’ve had to re-read my own post like 3 times since I’ve written it, because my 2 year old was driving me crazy!

There are so many good parenting resources out there (Aha Parenting, Positive Parenting Solutions, The Joyful Mother), and I will share more of their posts that help me on my Facebook page and on my Twitter.

I hope that one of these days another amazing post idea will just come to me, but until then, I am going to just post little thoughts about parenting. Things that I randomly think of that help me in my day-to-day with my kids.

We’ll call them Parenting Thought Thursdays.

My kids are usually wild at church. I feel like I am constantly telling my 5 year old to sit down, or stop wiggling, or turn around, or make sure your panties aren’t showing. I used to just fiercely whisper my demands with a disapproving scowl. And she would respond by saying NO, or scowling back and saying “humph!” while folding her arms, or just plain ignore me.

One Sunday, when I was feeling particularly patient and nice, I said it differently. I said “Can you please sit down, sweetiebug?” with little wink. And guess what she did?

She did what I asked. Without a fuss.

Parenting requires SO MUCH PATIENCE. Even saying that in all caps and bold doesn’t do it justice. It would be so much easier to just …not try so hard. To just yell stuff when you’re mad, or snap at them when you’re tired of listening to them whine.

But they’re people too. They deserve to be talked to nicely. And really, if we’re trying to teach them to be polite, shouldn’t we be polite to them as well?

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