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Blogging for profit – Are you right for the job?


Blogging can be a great way to earn a little extra income from home, but it requires a few skills and traits to really be successful.

I’ve had quite a few friends ask about how I’m making money with my blog, and others say that they’ve wanted to do something similar, but didn’t know where to start. I wouldn’t consider myself a blogging expert or anything, considering I started this blog only 7 months ago. But I’ve learned a lot (A LOT!) during that time, and I’m happy to share my knowledge!

I have had a bit of luck (getting a big share from on huge FB page), a LOT of help from blogging friends, and the rest has been a mixture of hard work and being well-suited for the job.

So maybe I’ll start from there – what makes a person well-suited to blog for profit.

Blogging/HTML experience

This isn’t a requirement, but it certainly helps. I posted fairly regularly on our little family blog (you know, when they were popular, like 2007-2010). Around that same time, I also launched a bow business and created the website entirely by tweaking a blog to make it look like a shop. So I had a fairly good grasp on HTML and blogger. I am certainly not a pro, AT ALL. But I kinda understand it, at least enough to google most problems and figure it out. It really helps to know how websites work.

Not a stranger to social media

Blogging requires being active on all the social media networks. All of them. I was active on FB, Pinterest and Instagram, and I knew I wouldn’t be starting from total scratch, support-wise, when I launched my blog. It helps to be the type of person that likes interacting on social media, and also has lots of people that interact with them (lots of likes and comment).

Actually enjoy writing

For those who dreaded writing assignments in school, blogging might not be a good fit. Writing is therapeutic for me, and something I’ve always done a lot of. My emails can be embarrassingly long and wordy. The idea of having a place to satisfy that need to write was appealing.

Has given blogging a lot of thought

You’ll want to position yourself for a good start. I wanted to create a place where I could write what I enjoy, what others would find helpful, and also what would be popular.  Not popular as in “trendy,” but popular as in “would appeal to a wide audience.” I knew what my strengths were, and what my writing style was, and when I finally settled on “The How To Mom” everything just clicked.

Very observant

You need to be able to clearly see what works and what doesn’t. I knew that I would probably want to write some thoughtful/personal pieces, and some might have the potential to go viral on FB, but I also knew that Pinterest was going to be my number one source of traffic, so I began to really observe and evaluate what types of pins work on Pinterest, and what flops. What things get pinned vs what gets clicked on. People have done studies to see what images/text combos work better than others. I knew that even though I might have a fantastic article written, if I don’t have a good image to go with it, it will never take off.

Willing to talk

I am kind of an open book. I have no problem talking about my issues or challenges or personal things with friends. It just doesn’t really bother me. I’m human, they’re human. Let’s talk about it! But blogging is not for the faint of heart. You’re putting yourself, your ideas, your heart out there for the whooooole internet. Its scary! And people can be straight mean. I try to stick to “safe” topics, but hopefully as I get tougher, I can publish the pieces that might be more controversial.

Okay with spending 40+ hours a week on the computer

Blogging is TIME CONSUMING. I’m not even exaggerating about 40+ hours. I probably spend closer to 60 hours on the computer each week. But I’ve always spent a lot of time online, now I just get paid for it, hehe. I’m a bit of a night owl, so I don’t mind staying up and writing or editing photos for hours after my family goes to sleep. Its therapeutic and satisfying for me.

A bit of the entrepreneurial spirit

I’ve had a few other business ventures in the past, and I like being able to make a bit of money on the side. My mind is always on the lookout for a good idea, or a way to make money while staying home. I like the satisfaction I get from creating something and making money off of it.

So that all being said, I’m sure there are amazingly successful bloggers out there with completely different talents and interests than me. And there are things that I wish I was better about (ahem… time management, photography skills, photoshop skills) that would be really helpful as a blogger. There is room for all types in the blogging world. But hopefully this gives you some things to think about as you decide if blogging is right for you.

Any questions? Comment below and ask!

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Busy B Homemaker

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

I'm excited to read more on this topic! I'm a new blogger as well, and I *think* I have what it takes! :) I just started in January, and I'm having a great time! It IS a lot more work than I expected, but I hope it takes off! Thank you for writing this!

Liz Mrozowski

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

Ooooh this is a great blog series! I have tossed around the idea of starting a blog. Although I had no clue what a time consuming thing it would be. Yikes. And also I look forward to your future posts about more controversial issues becuase I somehow think we are going to be on the same page for everything lol. P.s. Took Gracie to see FROZEN this weekend for her first movie in the theater. I lovedddd it. I teared up like fifteen times with a mini bawl-fest at the end hahaha. Gracie didn't take her eyes off the screen once. So it's safe to say she enjoyed it and was definitely intrigued by the biggest "tv screen" she has ever seen in her little life. :)))

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