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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath – with boxwood and holly


A simple faux boxwood wreath turns into a festive Christmas wreath with just a few holiday accents! A DIY Christmas wreath, made in minutes!

It’s been so fun making holiday versions of my faux boxwood wreath this year! I was worried about how the Christmas themed one would look because the bright green boxwood leaves are definitely more “spring” than “winter.” But I think it turned out great! I like the vibrant green, and the sparkly holly berries and leaves go great with the boxwood.

easy Christmas wreath with holly berries
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I was inspired by this wreath made with real holly berries and greenery. The teeny pops of red are just so Christmasy! So I wanted to do something similar.

As usual, this wreath is incredibly easy to put together. It just requires a faux boxwood wreath, which you can make with my easy boxwood wreath tutorial or you can buy one already online, heres a link to a real preserved boxwood wreath and also a faux boxwood wreath, similar to mine.

supplies needed for christmas boxwood wreath

For the accents, I used some sparkly holly berries and leaves that I found at Dollar Tree. I used two bunches. And then I used the holiday plaid bow from my easy wreath bow tutorial. You could also just buy a pre-made holiday bow, no judgements from me. 😉

Start by cutting each stem off of the bunch of faux holly. You can leave a good 3-4 inches, so you have plenty to tuck into the boxwood.

Here’s the big instructions… ready? Ok, now slide each stem into the boxwood. And repeat.

LOL, that’s it.

You may have to move them around a bit, and that’s fine. However, I definitely didn’t stress about having them perfectly spaced. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

wreath with holly berries

Then add in your bow (that you made with this tutorial), which you can either glue on or use wire to secure it to the wreath. I can’t decide if I like the bow on the top or the bottom? Here’s the top:

Christmas boxwood wreath

And here’s the bottom:

Christmas Wreath DIY

There you go! Now I get to round up all the holiday boxwood ideas into one post, yay! I’m so excited to show you that it just takes a few accents on a basic wreath to celebrate every holiday!

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