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Get Cash Back on Groceries


I used to be a hard core couponer. I had the binder, I got all the newspapers, I read all the blogs (and boards, it was a while ago…), and it was FUN!

But I wound up with 2 dozen bottles of salad dressing and a four years supply of Q-tips. Literally.

Eventually I got tired of the couponing gig. It took a LOT of time and it stressed me out at the grocery store, ESPECIALLY if I had my kids with me. Sweating buckets and shaking, trying to remember what deals I was doing. Waaaaay too stressful.

So I quit.

But I still felt guilty for not doing SOMETHING to bring down the grocery bill a bit. I kept saying I was going to start “price-matching.” But I never did (again, its a bit of work and prep).

How to get cash back on groceries using one simple app
Then one day I heard about Ibotta. Its an app on your phone where you scroll through pictures and click on the things you’re going to buy, and then scan the barcodes on those items when you get home, and scan the receipt, and CHA-CHING, money into your account.

I use it, I love it. I’ve gotten back over $270 dollars in the year or two that I’ve been using it!

Use Ibotta to get cash back on groceries

Nobody is quitting their job over a couple hundred dollars, but hey, its FREE MONEY! And with very minimal effort (its kind of fun to scan the stuff actually!). Plus, its on items and brands that I always buy, like bananas, yogurt, Triscuits, toilet paper, frozen pizzas, deli meats, you name it!

How to use Ibotta

Use my affiliate link HERE to download the app and automatically get $10 added to your account when you scan your first rebate!

Here’s how you do it:

1 – download the app and set up your account
2 – pick the store you shop at and scroll through to see what rebates are available.
3 – click on the rebates you think you’ll use, and answer the question or whatever it prompts
4 – shop like normal!
5 – when you get home, click “verify purchases” and scan the items you bought
6 – scan your receipt
7 – Done!

Ibotta will add the money to your account (usually within 24 hrs) and then you can transfer it to your paypal or venmo, or cash it out to a gift card.
How to get cash back on groceries

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