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Easy Trolls Headband DIY


We love Trolls! We especially love how crafty Poppy is. My daughters were mesmerized by the felt and glittery scrapbooking. So of course, right away they started begging to make stuff like Poppy.  These simple Trolls headbands will have your kids singing “Hair Up!” in no time!
Easy DIY Trolls Inspired Headbands

All you need is some tulle, string and a headband! We used a nice hot pink for Poppy and black for Branch. For Poppy’s headband, you can also add felt flower embellishments, or leave it plain.

DIY Troll Headband

Cut 15-20 strips of tulle about 24 inches long (no need to be precise, just eyeball it). Its easiest to use a spool of tulle, instead of having to cut down a yard of it.

How to make a Poppy Headband (from the Trolls Movie)

Tie the tulle onto headband with double knot. and repeat around the top of the headband until its as full as you’d like.

DIY Trolls Headband

Use a string to tie the “hair” together a bit.  Poppy’s blue tie is fairly low, and you can glue a strip of felt on top of the string for a wider blue band. Even though Branch doesn’t have a visible hair tie in the movie, the tulle will flop around too much if its not secured together, so tie the black tulle together too, near the top. Trim the “hair” as needed.

Using felt, cut out and glue on Poppy’s green headband and flowers. Or you could buy some pre-cut felt flowers.

DIY Poppy Headband - Inspired by the Trolls movie
Done! Hug time!

Poppy Dress
These headbands would look ah-dorable with this darling Poppy Dress (it has great reviews!). And of course, Branch needs a little leafy vest too!

I’d love to see your little Trolls in their headbands, tag #DIYtrollsheadband on social media!

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Easy Trolls Headband DIY

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