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Books for Young Tweens – illustrated, comic style, graphic novels


My 9 year old’s love of reading really took off when she discovered girly graphic novels. Though they aren’t the “classics” like I hoped she’d be into, I am happy she’s reading so much!

For some kids, the jump from picture books to chapter books is just plain hard. Illustrated or “graphic novels” are a fun way to encourage your reluctant reader. The illustrations help draw kids in and keep them reading, gradually building up their vocabulary and imagination.

Over 100 Graphic Novels Young Tweens will LOVE

Most of these books are about a second grade level up to about fourth or fifth grade reading level. I’m pretty careful about not exposing my kids to language, mature themes or excessive drama. There was one book I didn’t include on this list, because of the language (its this one, FYI). I haven’t read every book on this list, but my daughter has read most of them, and I think only one or two of them had a mild swear word. Which still bugs me, but sigh…

It was fun to look back on the last “girly” book list I created a few years ago, she sure has grown up! Our recommended list definitely needed an update.

Here are some of her current favorites:

Graphic Novels for Young Tweens (ages 8-11)

My daughter loves anything by Raina Telgemeier. She ADORES each of her books, and has read them over and over and over! Her characters are quirky and interesting and impossible to put down!

Raina Telgemeier has also illustrated the first four Baby-Sitters Club books (yay!!!). It was so fun to introduce my favorite childhood series to my daughter.

Phoebe and her Unicorn is another fun series about an awkward little girl who becomes best friends with a unicorn. The humor is witty and reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes. Boys may enjoy it as well!

Owl Diaries are fun and quick reads about the adventures of a creative little owl named Eva. These books are full of short text and cute, colorful illustrations, perfect for new readers.

Thea Stilton books are full of adventure and mystery. Lots of Thea Stilton books are quite educational, with historical or geographical info slipped in with the action.

Of course Dork Diaries tops the list of my daughter’s all time favorite books. They aren’t quite the “classics” like I hoped my daughter would get into, but she loves them, and as you can see from the reviews, girls LOVE them! There are currently 11 or 12 books in this series, and they’re THICK books, but kids are able to finish them quickly. Great reading-confidence boosters!

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo books should keep your daughter busy for quite awhile, there are 35 books in this series about a girl who can change into different people or animals. They aren’t full graphic novels, but they are still fairly illustrated and are fun reads for reluctant readers!

The Princess in Black series by Shannon Hale are about a Princess who is also a superhero in disguise. These books are not “graphic novels”, but they are quite easy to read with short chapters and fun pictures throughout.

And here are some of her favorite graphic novels, that aren’t part of a series. Most of these are books she read more than once, she loved them that much! I was thrilled to see my faaaaavorite novel turned into a graphic novel: A Wrinkle In Time. One step closer to the classics!

Hopefully this helps get you and your little reader started! This was a fun list to put together, so let me know if you have a reader you need help finding books for!

100+ Graphic Novels for Young Tweens

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