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Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Hash

This sweet potato hash is a sweet new way to fix sweet potatoes. These delicious little cubes are perfect for toddlers and picky eaters. “Look! I’m putting SUGAR on them!! They’re SUGAR potatoes!” It’ll work, I promise! They’re perfect for little fingers, and the sweet potato is nice and soft on the inside. Yum! If you need more ideas for picky eaters, check out my top 15 tips to fix picky eaters.
Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Hash
There’s a bit of nostalgia with this “Sweet” Sweet Potato Hash, using that little shaker of cinnamon sugar reminds me of yummy toast with cinnamon sugar that we all had as a kid. I also love making these when we have breakfast-for-dinner, they go great with French Toast or pancakes.

The recipe calls for a bit of butter at the end, which is optional. But I think butter adds yummy additional somethin-somethin. I mean, butter …cinnamon …sugar? C’mon!

And if you’re utterly appalled that I occasionally add sugar to my kids food, (OH THE HORROR!) I suppose you could try to make this sweet potato sweet hash with honey and cinnamon. It might work, let me know if you try it. And I guess we could still be friends.

Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Hash

recipe by Kylie Harris from
2 medium sweet potatoes, cut into 1 inch cubes
2 T coconut oil
Cinnamon Sugar, to taste
1 T butter (optional)

In a large skillet, heat the coconut oil on medium-high. Add sweet potatoes and saute until golden and slightly crispy. Remove from heat and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and add butter. Toss to combine. Serve!

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Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Hash

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