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Hanging Plate Display

I had a blank wall in my nook that I stared at for like 6 months and thought “If I stare at this wall long enough, I WILL figure out what to do with it.” It would look amazing painted a lovely shade of aqua with a gorgeous white buffet, but we’re renting so I have to keep the painting to a minimum. And I didn’t have $$$ for a nice buffet anyway. I looked at artwork, but its hard to find the right print for a kitchen/nook. Playful and colorful, but unique and not tacky. And in the colors I wanted, and big enough.  For less than an arm and a leg. I couldn’t find anything. Soooo, I thought of another way to fill the space.

I collected plates from Target, Pier1, Ikea and TJmaxx. A lot of them are melamine (the hard plastic stuff), and were less than $2 each, and others I already owned. Definitely a budget way to decorate a wall.

I bought these bad boys from Walmart (around $2).


Then I laid the plates out on the floor so I could see how I wanted to arrange them, and then took a picture so I could re-create it on the wall.

And then I clipped the hangers onto the plates and hung them on the wall! You don’t even need a hammer, the nails/pins that the plate hanger comes with just poke into the wall. So easy.

Viola! Not your grandma’s plate display!

Here are some other pretty examples I found on Pinterest. (Psssst… follow me if you don’t already!)




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Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple

Saturday 7th of September 2013

I love all the colors of your plates!! The square one is fabulous!

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