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Sparkly “Noel” Cardboard Letters – Christmas Craft


A little paint and a little glitter turns these inexpensive cardboard letters into a fun and festive Christmas craft project!

East DIY Sparkly Cardboard Letters

I just love bright colored Christmas decorations. I can’t get enough of the hot pink, lime green, turquoise and purple …and glitter!

These sparkly glittery cardboard letters were so easy. I bought the letters at JoAnns (lots of craft stores have them, wait for them to be 40-50% off). I just painted them with plain old acrylic craft paint, sprinkled them with glitter while the paint was still wet, and sealed the glitter with hairspray!

Use glitter on cardboard letters

If you don’t want to use hairspray, plain ol’ Elmers white school glue works great for glitter. Just brush on a nice thick coat of glue and sprinkle the glitter on top while its still wet.

The glitter should stick pretty well, but make sure to brush off any loose glitter after it dries. I like to hold it over the trash can and tap, shake, and brush the surface to loosen up any extra glitter.

Since the letters aren’t heavy at all, I just hung them with sticky 3M hanging strips.

Command strip to hang cardboard letters

If you’re not into bright colors, solid gold or silver would be really pretty too. Or maybe an ombre of colors from white to silver to gold to copper. Oh, or I guess you could do green and red. Haha I forget about that combo! You could also spell “joy” or “merry” too.

My daughter begged me to hang this in her room, so I’m thinking I’m going to make another set that spells her name. Coincidentally, her middle name is “Noelle” since she was born a week before Christmas.

merry and bright christmas decor

If you want more colorful Christmas decor ideas, you can also check out my rainbow glittery Christmas tree cones or the rainbow nativity set that my kids painted or my easy mini-garland tutorial.

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Lucas Pendant

Wednesday 8th of June 2016

This is lovely, I had mine but it wasn't the 3D one, so I need to glue them up first before I can spray them with the paint! I have a question though, would the 3M sticks to the wall and maybe ruin the wall paint?

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