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How to Easily Keep Track of Medication Doses

Using a permanent marker, you can easily track medication doses on the bottle or container. Perfect for tracking prescriptions!

Of all the things I’ve learned from Pinterest, I think this one has been the most helpful. I don’t know who originally came up with the idea to check off prescription doses right on the bottle with a Sharpie, but its simply genius.

Its especially helpful when your kid has been really sick, and you’ve been getting zero sleep and your brain isn’t functioning at peak levels. You know what I’m talking about… Even on a good day, I’m notorious for not remembering whether I did something or not, often turning the car around to check and make sure that I closed the garage door. So, I appreciate being able to check it off and see that I’m giving all of the doses.

How to track prescription doses

I just take a second when I bring the prescription home, and make one or two columns (depending on how many doses are needed per day), and then write the first letter of each day of the week down the side. So simple!

And quick PSA from a doctor’s kid, please please please make sure that you finish the entire round of antibiotics, and never ever ever share any prescriptions! 

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