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DIY Nativity Set – use spray paint to transform a cheap Nativity set


This DIY Nativity Set tutorial will help you transforms a cheap nativity set into a custom family heirloom.

Nativities are so fun to collect! I remember visiting creche displays as a child, and I loved to admire all the different style and types of Nativities from around the world. I love the glitz and glam holiday decor, but Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are the best part.

I picked up this not-so-pretty Nativity from Walmart, each piece was $1.97. I knew I wasn’t going to display them as-is (did you notice Joseph’s eyes? So exasperated!). I had other things in mind for them…

Turn a cheap and tacky Nativity into a beautiful custom Nativity set.

My Christmas style is quite colorful and modern (as you can see from my sparkly Noel letters, and easy mini garland trim), so the traditional Nativity sets just don’t really “go” with my hot pink glittery trees or my favorite bright green metallic trees, you know? But you know what does? Silver spray paint!

DIY Nativity Set

DIY Nativity Set - turn a cheap/tacky set into a gorgeous custom set with spray paint!

I used a few coats of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, and used a mixture of vinegar and water in a fine mist squirt bottle to try and give it a bit more texture (not sure if it made a big difference, though).

You could also use a white spray paint, with a few coats of glossy clear on top to get the white porcelain effect. Or even bright colors like hot pink or lime green for a kids DIY Nativity set.

DIY Nativity Set - use spray paint to turn a tacky Nativity into a gorgeous custom Nativity set.

This little set is the seventh addition to my Nativity collection, including this Fisher Price Nativity Set, which is the kids favorite.

Nativities are an important part of our family’s Christmas decorations. My kids have strict instructions to not mess with my fragile and expensive sets. But they can play with their Fisher Price Nativity Set and one wooden block set that we have.

I love watching my girls play with the baby Jesus. Somehow He ends up getting mixed up with their little princesses and Barbies. I often find Him sitting in their doll house, and that’s just fine with me.

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Sunday 22nd of December 2013

This might be that PERFECT gift I have been looking for!!!

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Tuesday 24th of December 2013

Oh good! That's a great idea to give it as a gift!

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