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75+ Powerful Abundance Affirmations for Prosperity


Repeating these powerful and positive abundance affirmations can help you live a more abundant life and overcome lack or scarcity mindset.

I recently shared my thoughts on how to develop an abundance mindset, and one of the best ways to move toward abundance is with daily affirmations or mantras.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are short sentences that are repeated regularly (at least daily) with the intention of strengthening a particular belief. These statements are generally positive and can be intentionally chosen to improve different aspects of a person’s life. Many affirmations are based around abundance/wealth, love, inner strength, and growth.

How affirmations work

Affirmations help to reprogram our subconscious and help us create the reality we want. By focusing on and repeating what we want to believe, we condition our minds to look for evidence that its actually true, thus making the desired belief true.

Affirmations are a foundational aspect of the law of attraction, but they can be beneficial and powerful for anyone, regardless of whether or not they believe in the law of attraction.

At their core, affirmations are simply designed to increase positivity.

How to use Affirmations

Affirmations are most effective when repeated often, at least daily. They can be a powerful part of your morning routine. You can incorporate affirmations into your morning routine as either as writing exercise or repeated out loud. Both techniques have their benefits, so you can choose either or both.

Another way to incorporate affirmations into your daily life is to write them down and display them in places that you see throughout the day. You can write them on sticky notes and place them throughout the house, next to your computer monitor, or on your fridge, in the car, on a door. Anywhere you will see them and read them during the day.

I also love to use a dry erase marker and write them on my bathroom mirror, and then I can repeat the affirmations and ponder them as I am getting ready for the day or getting ready for bed. Both are excellent times to focus on powerful, positive thoughts.

Your phone can be a powerful place to display your chosen affirmations. You can save an affirmation to your phone’s lock screen or background, or create a reminder that pops up a few times a day with your affirmation. Or you could set an alarm to prompt yourself once or multiple times a day to review your affirmations.

I also like to tie my abundance affirmations to nice objects around the house. Like when I use my premium hand soap, I can remind myself “I am surrounded by abundance, including small things like what I wash my hands with.” You can check out my post for more little splurges ideas to remind us of our abundance.

How to get started with affirmations

Not all abundance affirmations will resonate with you. Some may sound downright ridiculous to you! Depending on where you are at with your beliefs and mindset, some abundance statements might be too much of a stretch initially.

If you feel like you’re struggling to pay your bills each month, choosing to believe “Wealth flows to me constantly!” probably won’t sit well with you. Its just too much of a stretch from your current thoughts of “I struggle to make ends meet.”

Starting with a more accessible thought might be a better choice. Something like “I am open to creative possibilities for abundance” or “I am ready to receive abundance now.” As your perspective shifts, your ability to see and feel abundance will increase, and you’ll be able to push yourself with “bigger” affirmations.

How to choose effective affirmations for you

I have listed over 75 abundance affirmations below. As you read through the list, some affirmations will resonate more than others. You’ll “like” the way its worded or really desire to believe the statement. Those are great affirmations to start with.

Print the list below and read though each statement slowly and meaningfully, and put a star by your favorites. Pick one to focus on, or 5-10 to read/write daily.


25 Powerful “I am” Abundance Affirmations

“I am” affirmations are the most powerful type of affirmations. They put the responsibility on ourselves to “be” who we want to be, instead of waiting for our circumstance or situation to line up how we want it to. “I am” statements are empowering and encouraging. They help us define our identity by clarifying who we are. And of course we want to focus on the good that we are, because when we focus on the good, the good gets better.

  1. I am a magnet for wealth.
  2. I am worthy of all I desire.
  3. I am open to limitless possibilities.
  4. I am open to receiving money in any form.
  5. I am capable of success and wealth.
  6. I am a money magnet.
  7. I am generous with money, and the universe is generous with me.
  8. I am open to giving and receiving money freely.
  9. I am capable of an abundant life.
  10. I am worthy of success.
  11. I am proud of the life I am building.
  12. I am attracting abundance and wealth.
  13. I am ready to receive all the wealth God wants to bless me with.
  14. I am already rich.
  15. I am living in prosperity.
  16. I am good with money.
  17. I am aware of abundance around me.
  18. I am open to being successful in creative ways.
  19. I am good at making money.
  20. I am living a life of abundance.
  21. I am excited to see what kind of abundance is coming my way.
  22. I am receiving abundance in so many ways.
  23. I am getting better at managing my money every month.
  24. I am able to pay for my needs and also my wants.
  25. I am making progress with my finances.
  26. I am grateful for all of my blessings.
  27. I am seeing money grow in my bank account.
  28. I am proud of myself and my success so far.
  29. I am open to creative possibilities for abundance.
  30. I am willing and able to create wealth.
  31. I am able to see opportunities for wealth in situations around me.
  32. I am deserving of abundance.
  33. I am creative about ways to increase my income.
  34. I am worthy of abundance.
  35. I am worth of receiving the fruits of my efforts.
  36. I am in control of my finances.
  37. I am living an abundant life.
  38. I am open to all God wants to bless me with.
  39. I am putting value into the world, and I will be rewarded for it.
  40. I am grateful for all I have.
  41. I am always supplied with whatever I need.
  42. I am successful at whatever I choose to do.
  43. I am constantly attracting abundance with my thoughts.
  44. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  45. I am grateful for all that I have and all that I’m going to receive.

More Abundance Affirmations

  1. Money flows to me easily.
  2. I have many sources of income.
  3. I love money, and money loves me.
  4. Money is easy to get.
  5. Money comes to me from many sources.
  6. There is always enough.
  7. Making money is exciting.
  8. There is enough money in the world for everyone to be wealthy.
  9. Its easy for me to be prosperous and successful.
  10. My life is filled with abundance and wealth.
  11. Abundance is coming to me is unexpected ways.
  12. Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  13. There is more than enough.
  14. Making money is easy and fun.
  15. I give willingly and receive freely.
  16. God is eager to bless me.
  17. I have control over my financial situation.
  18. I trust myself to create abundance.
  19. I feel safe and secure.
  20. I have more than I need.
  21. Abundance is all around me.
  22. I have everything I need to get to where I want to be.
  23. Blessings flow to me easily.
  24. I have plenty of time, money and energy.
  25. I create limitless abundance through my actions and energy.
  26. I attract amazing opportunities for wealth and growth.
  27. Abundance flows into my life in exciting ways.
  28. I let go of any resistance to wealth and abundance.
  29. Wherever I look, I see abundance.
  30. I choose happiness, success and abundance in my life.
  31. Everything is working out exactly as it should.
  32. My prosperous thoughts create my prosperous life.
  33. Money comes to me in multiple ways, in increasing amounts, all the time.
  34. I can be prosperous.
  35. Wealth constantly flows into my life from all directions.

Abundance affirmations printable

I have formatted both lists into one printable PDF document that you can easily print and use in your daily routines. You can click on the images below to print as jpg or you can click here for the PDF version.

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