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Conversation Heart Wreath DIY – Cute and Easy!


This easy and fun conversation heart wreath has the nostalgic colors and phrases you remember from the candy from your childhood!

When I was putting together my Valentines Wreath round-up, I thought for sure someone somewhere had made a conversation heart wreath. I searched Pinterest high and low for one like I was imagining, and found nothing!

And my brain wouldn’t quit thinking about how to make one. So, I gave in, because I’m here to please! And make all the wreaths. 😉

Conversation Heart Wreath DIY - fun and easy Valentines Wreath

I think it turned out really cute! I love the pastel colors and the red lettering, just like the candy. I don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut (yet! 😉 But I’d love one!), so figuring out how to do the lettering was kinda tricky. I thought about writing it with a red sharpie or paint marker, but doubted my abilities.

Then I spotted these glittery red alphabet stickers from Michaels and BING! This could work! It’s not a project for the OCD, because it miiiiiiight be impossible to get those letters perfectly straight, spaced and centered.

But as my 11 year old daughter sweetly pointed out, “Real conversation hearts are always imperfect, mom!” And she’s right. They’re a little wonky and its totally fine. So if your perfectionism is flaring up, I’m sorry. I’m a “get-er-done and move on” type of crafter.

Supplies needed

I wanted hearts with a little thickness, and I considered using the thin wooden heart cutouts that you can sometimes find in the wood craft section, which would probably be fine. But I thought something thicker would be better. If I had wood-saw skills, I could have also cut my own hearts with 2″ thick wood, but I don’t, so I didn’t.

So when I saw these paper mache heart ornaments at Michaels, I knew they’d be perfect. I snipped off the string and voila! I haven’t been able to find them online, so I’d just use the wooden hearts if you can’t find the paper mache ones.

Michael's supplies for conversation heart wreath

You could also make this wreath with smaller hearts, like this package of 1.7 inch wooden hearts. It would be a similar process, just a lot more hearts, and you may need to find smaller letters. But it could work!

I used basic acrylic craft paint to paint the hearts. It was so fun to pick out the classic conversation heart colors. I like the Michaels brand of paints, and I used: pink blast, coral (with a little orange mixed in), light yellow, celery (with a little apple tart mixed in), grape taffy, and white.

Supplies needed to make a Conversation Heart Wreath

I used a 12 inch embroidery hoop for the base and hot glue to attach the hearts to the hoop. My DIY cardboard wreath frame would work really well here too. To finish it off, I strung a simple ribbon through for a loop to hang it.

Ok, ready to make your own conversation heart wreath? Here we go!

Conversation Heart Wreath DIY

Conversation Heart Wreath - Valentines Decor DIY

This easy and fun conversation heart wreath is the perfect Valentines wreath, promise! XOXO

Active Time 30 minutes
Drying Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  1. Cut string loops off of hearts (if they have them) and remove stickers. Snip as close to the heart as possible.
  2. Paint hearts and let dry. Two coats are best!
  3. Add phrases to hearts. Use the capital letters from the red glittery alphabet stickers to create the sayings. See above for ideas on phrases. Don't stress if its not perfect, neither are real conversation hearts! How to Make a Conversation Heart Wreath
  4. Glue hearts to embroidery hoop. I placed them in the order I liked, and then turned the wreath upside down to glue it together. And then I went back and re-glued any hearts that were loose.
  5. Add loop of ribbon for hanging (optional). A nice red bow might be nice, but I only had skinny ribbon on hand,


I think the stickers will be fine as is, but you could Mod Podge over the top if you want to seal them nicely. I'd use the matte Mod Podge, to keep the powdery finish of conversation hearts.

The alphabet stickers were the easiest way for me to do the wording, but I'm sure a Cricut or Silhouette would be awesome for this!

Popular Conversation Heart Sayings

One of the fun parts of this project was coming up with the conversation heart sayings. I went with the classics, but it might be fun to do a clever riff on conversation heart sayings, like phrases local to your area (“Love Y’all!”) or maybe snarky (“Hard Pass”) or on-trend (“Swipe Right”).

Some classic conversation heart phrases are:
Be Mine
Kiss Me
Hug Me
Love You
I’m Yours
True Love
Let’s Kiss
Luv U
Marry Me
Cutie Pie

I also found this cute printable conversation heart garland, which looks like a fun and easy little project. You can also check out my Valentines Crafts Pinterest board for more cute Valentines decorations.

Check out my Valentines Wreath DIY Ideas for more darling heart wreaths! If you make one, I’d love to see it and tell you what a good job you did! Tag #thehowtomomwreaths on IG, I’m @thehowtomom if you want to follow me there.

Candy Conversation Heart Wreath DIY

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