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Ombre Peony Heart Wreath DIY


Gorgeous ombre peonies in a heart shaped wreath! Truly a beautiful, romantic wreath. Perfect for Valentines Day or wedding decor!

Is there any flower more romantic than peonies? I mean, roses are nice, but if a man buys you a gorgeous bouquet of luscious blush pink peonies?! True love right there.

Ombre pink peony bouquet

I saw a beautiful ombre heart wreath on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and totally fell in love with it. (Ha, pun!) It was made with roses in varying shades of pink. I searched high and low, but couldn’t find a tutorial for it. So I decided to make one!

And instead of roses, I decided that pink peonies would be perfect! Peonies are so popular right now, and there are some seriously beautiful artificial ones in craft stores, like these white and pink peonies I found at Michaels.

Ombre Peony Heart Wreath

I used a 12″ heart shaped foam wreath (my DIY cardboard wreath frame in a heart shape would work well too!) and 10 peony blooms, and my trusty lil hot glue gun, and thats it!

As you will see, the technique I used is super easy. I just cut the flowers and pushed them into the styrofoam. Yep, really.

Honestly, it kills me when people buy wreaths already made. They’re soooooo easy to make yourself! You can do it!! And its so satisfying. You get to hang your beautiful work on the front door, for all the world to see and admire!

Want to make one? Lets do it.

Ombre Peony Heart Wreath DIY

Ombre Peony Heart Wreath

Gorgeous ombre peonies in a heart shaped wreath! Truly a beautiful, romantic wreath. Perfect for Valentines Day or wedding decor!

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  1. Cut blooms from stem. Using wire cutters, snip the stem a couple inches below the base of the bloom. How to make a peony heart wreath
  2. Cut off the leaves as well. Pink Peony Bloom
  3. Start by placing the white peony bloom at the base point of the heart. You can just shove it into the styrofoam!
  4. Next, place one of the dark pink blooms at the top point of the heart.
  5. Add the other flowers to the wreath, from light to dark, creating the ombre effect. Its tricky to get the flowers perfectly symmetrical (impossible? maybe.) but its fiiiiiine. Ombre heart wreath with peonies
  6. Rearrange for spacing and position, and then put hot glue on the stems and shove them into the styrofoam to secure them.
  7. Using hot glue, attach the greenery as desired. I put one set of leaves between each bloom around the outside, and part of the inside. Ombre heart wreath with pink peonies
  8. Attach a loop on the back for easy hanging.

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I’m thrilled with how it turned out. And now I have 3 Valentines wreaths that I’ve made and have to choose from. Or rotate through on a daily basis, haha. I love my Valentines Hoop Wreath, but also the Conversation Heart Wreath turned out really cute!

You can see all three of my Valentines wreaths, plus a few more in my roundup of the most swoon-worthy Valentines Wreaths here.

Ombre Peony Wreath DIY

This wreath would also be beautiful for a wedding! Or a stunning prop for engagement or wedding photos. Can someone please make that happen??

I love to see YOUR wreaths! Few things make me happier than helping my friends make beautiful things. Tag them #thehowtomomwreaths and @thehowtomom on IG so I can tell you what an amazing job you did!

Ombre Pink Peony Heart Wreath DIY

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