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Easy and girly Valentine – sweet and simple!


These super easy butterfly Valentines are a great project with the kids. Semi-homemade and semi-kid made. And super cheap!

We are all about simple and girly in this house! Last year (pre-blogging days) we whipped up these cute butterfly Valentines for my daughter’s preschool party. She loooooved using the foam stickers and gems to decorate the wings. I loved that I didn’t have to print anything out, and that they cost like $2 for the whole thing, but were still unique and personalized. The best combination!

We originally used craft foam to cut out the wings, but I found these cute pre-cut butterflies at Dollar Tree this year, and they are perfect! Last year we tried to glue googly eyes onto the Dum-Dums, but since the wrapper is waxy, they all fell off. This year we’re opting for eyes drawn on with a Sharpie.

We have lots of craft supplies laying around, but you can find cute heart foam stickers at the Dollar Tree or in the dollar section at Target (my favorite place in the world). I have also found some cute glittery heart foam stickers and pastel gems on Amazon.

Easy Butterfly Valentine Instructions

We bought a couple packages of butterfly cutouts from Dollar Tree, a package of Dum-Dums, and gathered up some stickers and gems and a Sharpie. First I wrote the message on one side, and snipped two slits in the middle of the cut outs. Then I let my daughter have fun decorating the cut outs with the gems and stickers. While she was doing that, I drew the faces on the Dum-Dums and slid in the Dum-Dums to finish the project.

The phrase I chose was “You make my heart ‘flutter’!” But you could definitely just do a “To and From” type of thing.

Easy! And cheap! And fun! These butterfly valentines are my kind of project.

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Traci M.

Tuesday 11th of February 2014

I love these! Such a cute and easy idea!!!

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