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High Protein Snacks for Kids – Energy on the Go!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Klement’s Sausage for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I feel like I’m constantly packing snacks for all of our summer adventures. We live about 40 minutes from the beach and Charleston, and as much as I’d love to just hop in the car and pick up lunch/dinner/snack while we’re out, it totally adds up $$$.

So I’m learning to stock the pantry and fridge with foods that are easy to grab and go. I also try to keep a few snacks in my purse for times that we get stuck in traffic, or to keep my toddler from losing his freaking mind when we’re out running errands. You know what I’m talking about.

I’ve found a handful of great high protein snacks for kids that are easy to toss in my purse or into a small cooler (I like this size) for a day of fun. The protein helps fill them up and give them plenty of energy to PLAY!

High Protein Snacks for Kids

Top 10 High Protein Snacks for Kids

    1. Peanut Butter

High Protein Snacks for Kids - Peanut Butter
A baggie of pretzels or celery plus a single serve cup of peanut butter is a filling snack that also keeps kids busy dunking and eating (bonus!).

    1. Yogurt Tubes/Pouches

We love to buy greek yogurt tubes and freeze them for tangy ice pops. Bonus: they help keep other food chilled in the cooler.

    1. Cheese Sticks

String cheese and other cheese sticks are an obvious kid-friendly snack choice, and luckily they are also high in protein!

    1. Beef Sticks

High Protein Snacks for Kids - Klements Beef SticksWe like the quality of Klement’s Sausage Beef Sticks, they’re handcrafted in small batches so they have a real artisanal flavor. My oldest says they taste like “grown up pepperoni” and my toddler calls them “little hot dogs.” One package of Snack Sticks is perfect for the kids and their friends at the pool!

    1. Hard Boiled Eggs

I use my Instant Pot (favorite appliance EVER! I have this model) to make a batch of hard boiled eggs a couple times a month. Then I keep them peeled and in a container in the fridge that is ready to grab and go.

    1. Protein Bars

There are lots of great kid-friendly brands of protein bars out there lately, and you can find them in any flavor under the sun! Even granola bars made with lots of nuts can be a good protein source.

    1. Edamame

High Protein Snacks - Edamame
My kids LOVE edamame. We buy both in the shell and also pre-shelled. I just put them in a small bowl and microwave for a few seconds, then toss with some salt. They could definitely work for a portable snack and should be fine without refrigeration for a few hours.

    1. Trail Mix

This is a super economical snack that you can buy in bulk and then portion into small baggies to grab and go. My kids pick out the chocolate pieces first, and they’ll eat the rest if they’re reeeeally hungry.

    1. Energy Balls

9 Energy Bites Recipes

source: Bless This Mess

    1. There are a bazillion recipes out there for these yummy snacks. My friend Melissa at

Bless This Mess

    1. has a great

recipe with tons of variations

    1. .
    2. Roasted Chickpeas

You can buy these already made, or make your own in lots of different flavors. Yum!

If this list of high protein snacks made you go “Dang it. My kid won’t eat ANY OF THOSE.” …I’m sorry, and I understand. My middle child is piiiiiiicky too. It’s frustrating. Try a few of my Tips to Fix Picky Eaters and maybe you could introduce a few new foods this summer.

Happy adventuring, friends! I’d love to hear YOUR ideas for filling, kid friendly snacks. Let me know in the comments, or on IG (@thehowtomom).

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10 High Protein Snacks for Kids

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Saturday 29th of July 2017

We love apple sauce pouches, granola bars, string cheese, yogurt tubes and crackers w/hummus and fruit/veggies precut. I bet my 2 year old would love the beef sticks. I'll have to try them on him.

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