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How to Freeze Pancakes Successfully – and reheat them so they’re not soggy!


Figuring out how to freeze pancakes AND how to reheat them successfully took a bit of trial and error. But I think I’ve got it just about mastered!

And I’m happy to share my tricks with you!

How to Freeze Pancakes Successfully - and re-heat them so they are not soggy!

Having homemade pancakes in the freezer for busy school mornings has been a lifesaver. I feel like I’m saving money not buying Eggos, plus I’m feeding my kids “homemade” food. All the mom points and warm fuzzies!

Well, I use a pancake mix, so “homemade” is used loosely. You could absolutely make pancakes completely from scratch. And there’s tons of ideas on Pinterest of healthier pancake recipes. I’ve tried to the recipe to make them with Greek yogurt and they turned out ok. We’ve also tried the mashed bananas and an egg magical trick.

But using a pancake mix is fiiiiine. Your kids will live, promise.

We love the Kodiak Cakes brand of pancake mix. It has added protein and the flavor is really good. I like the Dark Chocolate Mix (YUM!) and the Buttermilk Mix the best. Sometimes they can be hard to find in stores. I’ve seen Kodiak Cakes at Target and occasionally at Costco. Or you can order them on Amazon here.

I usually make our batter with half Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Pancake Mix, half store brand buttermilk pancake mix. It results in a tasty and fluffy pancake, with some added protein. They’re both just “add water” mixes, so its easy to whip up. I don’t even measure, I just add water til its the consistency we like.

How to Freeze Pancakes Perfectly

Another thing we do is use a large cookie scoop to portion out the batter onto the griddle. It works great! In the past, I’ve also used a large glass measuring cup that has a spout for easy pouring.

And my kids love it when I add a few sprinkles or mini chocolate chips. Fun mom points!

How to Freeze Pancakes and Re-Heat them Successfully!

  1. Make pancakes as desired.
  2. Let pancakes cool to room temperature.
  3. Lay out pancakes on a plate or cookie sheet, making sure to not stack them at all.
  4. Freeze thoroughly. This is crucial.
  5. Once frozen, remove from freezer and pop off pan or plate.
  6. Place in freezer safe zip bag, label and return to freezer.
  7. To reheat, place in toaster and cook once or twice, til warmed through.

How to Freeze Pancakes

The toaster really makes them PERFECT. I freeze them already buttered, so the toaster makes them toasty on one side and buttery crisp on the other. Muuuuuuuch better than microwaving them, and way faster than warming them on a skillet again.

There you have it! For another freezer hack, check out my post on chopping and freezing onions, peppers and other veggies for quick dinner prep!

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