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How to Make a Poinsettia Wreath


This easy DIY Poinsettia Wreath comes together quickly and adds a burst of holiday cheer to your front door! Make it in any color to match your holiday decor: red, maroon, white, silver, gold or blush.

Gorgeous modern poinsettia wreath DIY

Want to know my favorite part about Christmas decorations? All the GLITTER! Glittery decor is gaudy during the rest of the year, but the holidays? Bring it on!

Holiday Wreaths

My front door is a terrible maroon color. I have all intentions of painting it navy blue, but I just can’t seem to find the right day to do it. So almost a year later, its still icky maroon.

Buuuuut, I will say that maroon works this time of year! It looks good with my fall leaf garland wreath and also my fall mum wreath.

I had an ornament wreath that I made a few years ago, but it was crazy bright holiday colors (see some of my other colorful holiday decor DIYs here and here), and it looks AWFUL on the maroon. And it was kinda falling apart.

All this to say, I needed a new holiday wreath! And I thought a white poinsettia wreath would look amazing on my maroon door!

How to make a white poinsettia wreath

And also on my future navy door. 😉

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White Poinsettia Wreath DIY

I saw a Poinsettia Wreath at Lowes that sparked my inspiration. It came in a set with a few other outdoor decor pieces, and it was red. And scoping out Pinterest, I saw a lot of red poinsettia wreaths, but not many white ones.

I liked this red poinsettia wreath from V and Co.

I started out with Dollar Tree poinsettias, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t the look I was going for. The smaller white poinsettias just started to lose their ‘poinsettia-ness’ when you bunched them together. Red might be ok with the smaller flowers. Dollar Tree flowers (below right) are definitely the more economical option, you’d need about 5 bunches for an 18in wreath.

How to make an easy poinsettia wreath

I liked the poinsettias from Michaels better (above left). The big blooms with glittery snow on the petals and leaves are so lovely and wintery. I wish the glitter showed up in the pics better! They were a bit pricier (a large bunch for $18, and I used 2) but they’re always 50% off or so. You can also order online and pick up in store, which makes it easy!

You can use whatever poinsettias strike your fancy! Michaels had some gorgeous blush poinsettias and platinum/champagne poinsettias. I’m super tempted to go back and get them. (Update, I did! haha)

How to make a faux poinsettia wreath - gorgeous and glittery!

The pictures just don’t do them justice, but they are gorgeous in person. Very sparkly and classy!

I promise that its easy to make! But if you’d rather I make it for you, check out my Etsy Shop (MagnoliaJoyShop) to see if what colors I have in stock, ready to go!

How to make a Poinsettia Wreath

For this wreath, you need:

supplies to make a Christmas poinsettia wreath

18 in grapevine wreath
2 large bunches of large poinsettias (about the size of your hand)
wire cutters
hot glue gun

How to make an easy Christmas Poinsettia Wreath
1. Snip the blooms off each stem. Leave about 2″ of stem to poke into the wreath.

Easy Poinsettia Wreath DIY
2. (Without glue!) Place blooms around the wreath, adjusting for space as desired. Just shove them into the grapevine. Mine overlap a bit, and I’m ok with it. For the most part, the stem almost touches the end of the petals of the flower next to it. But if you like them bunched closer, that’s fine too!

How to make an easy poinsettia wreath
3. Once blooms are spaced evenly, go back and glue each one in place. Its easiest to leave them in their places and glue them one at a time, so you keep your spacing. Use a big ol glob of glue on the stem and at the base of the bloom. The base of the bloom is where you’ll get the bet grip.

DIY Poinsettia Wreath
4. Add in greenery with hot glue, if desired. I love it with these glittery snowy leaves! I put one or two leaves in between each bloom on the outside edge, and less on the inside edge. Just glob some glue on the stem and shove them into the grapevines.

Snowy white poinsettia wreath DIY

Merry Christmas! I’d love to see your wreath, tag me @thehowtomom when you make yours so I can tell you how amazingly talented you are!


How to make an easy DIY poinsettia wreath

I also have a fun poinsettia hair clip DIY to use up any extra blooms. Its darling with those festive holiday dresses!

Want me to make a poinsettia wreath for you? I have a handful of them listed in my Etsy Shop (MagnoliaJoyShop)!

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