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How to Make a Patriotic Wreath with Hydrangeas


This red, white and blue Patriotic Hydrangea Wreath comes together quickly for the perfect 4th of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, summer wreath!

I love wreaths for every season, and I have a ton of tutorials here on my site for them. I have quite a few classic green wreath tutorials that work as year-round wreaths like my Easy Garland Wreath and my Boxwood Wreath. Vibrant green wreaths are lovely for summer.

Patriotic Wreaths

Most of the summer celebrations are patriotic holidays, like the Fourth of July (Independence Day), Memorial Day, and Flag Day. It seems like red, white and blue are almost synonymous with summertime!

So a patriotic red, white and blue wreath is a perfect summer wreath. And what better flower for summertime than hydrangeas?!

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I originally created this tutorial in 2018 for a red white and blue hydrangea wreath (without a bow), using a bouquet of faux hydrangeas from Michaels. It is pretty, and I love the way it turned out, but I was always frustrated with the sparseness of the hydrangeas. I love me some full snowball shaped hydrangeas!

So a few summers later, I created a newer version of the Patriotic Hydrangea Wreath with a bow for my sister. And then I also made one for my neighbor. And her mom. Turns out that the second version is easier and prettier than the first! I have included both versions here, and you can decide which one you prefer.

Hows that for freedom? haha

Patriotic Hydrangea Wreath (no bow)

After I made my Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath, I thought why not use the same concept for a red, white and blue wreath?! Luckily Michaels had really pretty red, white and blue hydrangeas, and I already had a 12″ wire wreath form at home (more about wreath forms and techniques here). So this wreath came together quickly!

Easy 4th of July DIY - Patriotic Hydrangea Wreath


You need:
9 large or 12 small red, white and blue hydrangea bloom clusters
12″ wire wreath form
floral wire
wire cutters

Supplies needed to make a patriotic hydrangea wreath

1. Start by moving the leaves up the stem to the base of the hydrangea blooms.

How to make a patriotic wreath

2. Then, using the wire cutters cut the stems off the bunch of flowers. You don’t need to leave much of the stem on, only an inch or 2 so you can wrap the wire around it.

3. Figure out how to space out your blooms. My 12″ form has 6 vertical wires, and I had 12 blooms, so I attached a bloom to each vertical wire and then two blooms in between.

4. Then using the floral wire, just start wiring them on! Its nothing fancy, just wrap the wire around the bloom and onto the wire form.

How to make a patriotic wreath with hydrangeas

5. Continue around the wreath form until its full and pretty!

I added greenery this time, because my blooms were a bit sparse, and the leaves filled things in.


How to make a Patriotic Hydrangea Wreath - Easy 4th of July DIY

Patriotic Hydrangea Wreath with Bow

The original version is fun, but the updated version is really my favorite. I think that its faster and easier to make, and the red and white hydrangeas are MUCH easier to find. Those dark blue ones are rare!

This technique uses a grapevine wreath as a frame and is based on my “Summer Hydrangea Wreath” tutorial. And the highlight of this wreath is a beautiful bow made with my super easy bow tutorial. I personally love the navy buffalo check/gingham, but the navy with stars is really cute and definitely goes with the “flag” theme.

To make this patriotic wreath, you’ll need:

  • 5 Red faux hydrangea stems
  • 5 White faux hydrangea stems
  • One 18″ grapevine wreath
  • Navy and white bow
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral wire (optional)

Start by cutting the stems off the hydrangea blooms with the wire cutters, leaving about 1-2 inches. Also cut leaves from stem.

WITHOUT GLUE, put the hydrangeas in place around the wreath, alternating red and white blooms. Leave a little extra space in one spot for the bow.

yes, these are green hydrangeas, but you get the idea…

When you like the placement, hot glue each bloom into place, one by one, to maintain spacing. Add in leaves and glue those into place as well. If your door gets a lot of heat and sunshine, you may want to go back over the blooms with floral wire to really hold them securely. Just wrap and tuck the wire in as best as you can.

Glue or wire the bow (or both!) into place. Voila!

I’d love to see your patriotic hydrangea wreath! Tag me on IG @thehowtomom or use the hashtag #thehowtomomwreaths so I can tell you what an amazing crafter you are!!

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