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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Hoop Wreath


This modern Valentine’s Day wreath is made with an embroidery hoop, a script “love” cutout and gorgeous on-trend peonies, roses and eucalyptus.

Valentines Hoop Wreath DIY

I’m venturing out of my comfort zone with a whole new style of wreath! Hoop wreaths have become popular on Pinterest in the last little while, and I’ve been wanting to try to make one. They seem to defy gravity, and I’ve wondered how the flowers stay put on such a skinny hoop.

But they’re not tricky at all!

The secret to making this wreath so easy is the floral picks! Floral picks are flowers with short stems that are already arranged and bound together, perfect for wreaths, boutonnieres and other craft projects. I chose some with roses and eucalyptus greenery from Joann Fabrics. They were in the seasonal floral section and were $2.99 each, and I can’t find them online. Boo.

The hardest part was actually finding the right handwritten “love” cutout. I hit all my favorite craft stores, and finally found one I liked at Hobby Lobby, way in the back with the other unfinished wood pieces. But here’s the link to a really pretty handwritten “love” cutout.

I also think that “hello” or “welcome” would look lovely, in fact there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be making some more hoop wreaths with other sayings!

My “love” is chipboard, which is basically cardboard, so it may not do so well outside with wet weather. So this beauty is now hanging in my front room where I can admire it more anyway!

Valentines Hoop Wreath DIY

If you find a wood “love” you could absolutely hang it on your front door though.

How to make a hoop wreath

Embroidery hoop (mine is 12″)
floral picks or flowers (mine are from Joann)
Floral wire
Wire cutters
“love” cutout
gold paint
glue gun

How to make a Valentines hoop wreath

1. Start by bending the stems of the floral picks a bit to match the curve of the wreath

How to make a Valentines Hoop Wreath

2. Bend the neck of any flowers so that they stand up straight, if you’re going to wire them on. Cut the stem completely off if you’re going to use hot glue.

Valentines Embroidery Hoop Wreath DIY

3. Lay the floral pic and flower on the hoop, and wrap the wire around them to secure.

How to Make a Valentines Embroidery Hoop Wreath

4. Repeat for the other side, wiring the stems onto the hoop tightly. You can use hot glue to easily position the greenery.

Peony Hoop Wreath

5. Paint “love” cutout your desired color.

script love for wreath

6. Hot glue “love” cutout to hoop. I like it a little off center and asymmetrical.

Love Hoop Wreath DIY

I love to see your wreaths, tag me on IG @thehowtomom or #thehowtomomwreaths so I can tell you what an amazing job you did!

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Valentines Day Wreath DIY

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