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How to Remove Buildup From Hair – using your regular shampoo!


Pesky hair buildup is the WORST! It’s taken some trial and error, but I’ve figured out how to remove buildup from hair! Here’s a quick way to get rid of product buildup, using shampoo you already have!

I’ve written about yucky hair buildup before, by using pantry items to get rid of product buildup. But I wanted to give an update on what’s working for me now. Even though I used to do the whole no-poo thing (and here’s an update on it from a few years ago), but I quit that stinky stuff a long time ago. Plus, it turns out that baking soda and highlighted hair doesn’t mix well.

Back to buildup!

I still battle the occasional annoying clumpy grease spot on the back of my head. I have tried lots of different shampoos, and have paid special attention to getting that spot clean, but sometimes it just does NOT work! I swear, finding that stupid gross spot when I’m blow-drying my hair makes me so mad!

How to remove buildup from hair - using shampoo you already have!

About a year ago, a friend sent me a sample of some high-end MLM shampoo and conditioner to try. I’d heard lots about this brand on social media, and was curious about the hype. I tried it, and liked how my hair felt afterward, but the real mind-blower was the little card she included that had washing instructions on it.

It said to wash once with the shampoo, and to not expect that many suds. And then rinse it and wash it a second time, and that’s when you’ll get all the lather. It said to let the second round of shampoo sit for a minute, and then rinse, and condition as normal.


I mean, instructions on basically every shampoo bottle in the world says to wash, rinse, repeat, but I just thought they were trying to get you to use up more product! And its probably not necessary for most non-grease spot people. But if you’re reading this, I think you’re my people and we struggle with hair buildup.

How to remove buildup from hair

Its simple, wash it twice! work shampoo through wet hair, trying to cover as much of your scalp as possible. Rinse, and REPEAT! The second wash will lather up A LOT more, so you’ll be able to get all of your hair truly clean.

For me, washing it twice has made allllll the difference. The first wash just preps my hair for the serious second wash. And that’s when I’m able to get the lather I need to really get my thick hair squeaky clean.

Which means NO MORE BUILDUP! No more stupid greasy spot!

I’ve waited for almost a year to write about this, because I wanted to give it a good test before I recommend it to you. But I can definitely suggest the double-wash confidently!

If you’re curious, I never bought the MLM shampoo/conditioner. I liked how it made my hair feel, I liked the smell, pretty much everything. I just could not justify the cost! The price was outrageous!

I decided to stick with the shampoo/conditioner I love and have been using for a couple years. I use Hask Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (Amazon affiliate link) and am really really happy with it. Previously, I had been a salon-product-only snob, and was shelling out big bucks for high-end shampoo and conditioner. But Hask has been great for me, and its a great price (I usually get it at Target for around $6)! It smells REALLY good, and leaves my hair clean and shiny, but not at all weighed down. I use it on my girls too, and we also use the little vial of leave-in Argan Oil.

Let me know if you try my little trick!

How to remove buildup from hair  - using shampoo you already have!

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