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Modest Summer Dresses – 20+ breezy and cool styles


A round up of 20+ stylish and breezy, modest summer dresses. Everyday casual dresses, perfect for hot summer days on the go!

It is hotter than blazes here in the South Carolina summertime. Like, sweat constantly dripping down your spine, soaked bra, shower-twice-a-day HOT. I have been on the hunt for the coolest summer clothes, and I think breezy t-shirt dresses are where its at.

Problem is that it seems like in order to get knee-length, you have to sacrifice sleeves. And if something has sleeves, it often hits at mid thigh. Ugh.

I need sleeves *and* length in my summer dresses!

The perfect summer dress is something that I can toss on, and head to the park with my kids. I love a stretchy t-shirt dress that can be fancied up with cute sandals and jewelry for a summer date night. And soft enough to wear to bed when I’m recovering from an accidental sunburn. You know, basically a LBD, but casual and comfortable for everyday wear.

So I’ve been doing a lot of looking and have found a few good options! I ordered this black midi swingy dress on Amazon and got a TON of compliments when I wore it. The fabric is really soft and it can easily dress up or down.

Modest Summer Dresses - a roundup of over 20 breezy cool dresses

I think I’m going to order this nightgown from Lands End (in hot pink) that can totally pass for a daytime dress, and fingers crossed that this swing dress in “tall” from Old Navy is tall enough!

Another great place to look is at (here is a link to some options) or Zulily. They both have a rotating selection, so it doesn’t hurt to check there every once in awhile.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of knee-length summer dresses from stores like H&M, Old Navy and a few other random shops and put them in the images below. This is the first time I’ve used this type of layout, and hopefully it is easy for you to use!

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Roundup of Modest Summer Dresses

I hope that this helps! I’m also working on a 2018 summer capsule wardrobe (you can see last year’s summer capsule here), and I recently posted a round up of cute knee-length shorts. Oh! And maybe I’ll also do a round up of breezy summer skirts too. Ambitious!

20+ Modest Summer Dresses - a roundup of stylish and easy knee-legth dresses with sleeves

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