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how to set a vibrate only alarm on your iPhone


Sometimes I don’t want an alarm that actually “rings” anything. A vibrate only alarm. Because lets be real, if I set my alarm so I can get up early and get ready for the day, and it wakes my kids up too, I might as well have just stayed in bed. (Are my kids the only ones magnetically drawn to my bathroom when I’m trying to do my hair/makeup?!?)

I’d rather just be able to set it to vibrate only.  I’ll hear it buzz if its right next to me.  Problem is, iPhones don’t have a “vibrate only” setting for their alarms. So I tried a few different work-arounds.

I tried turning the alarm ring to “none.”
Result? Didn’t wake me up at all.  Apparently it just lights up. And that’s not going to wake me up.

I tried flipping the switch to silent.
Result? Not silent. The alarm still rings like normal and wakes up the whole house.

The I got really smart (or so I thought), and turned my volume all the way down.
Result? Silent and vibrating alarm.  BUT I forgot to turn the volume back up and missed a couple calls/texts and was this close to taking my phone in because I couldn’t hear any audio and thought my speaker was broken (I had forgot that I turned the volume down).

But there is a way!!!

How to set a vibrate only alarm on your iPhone:

1. From your phone, search for and purchase a “silent ringtone” on iTunes. They’re $1.29

2. Make sure you have your sound settings turned to vibrate – on.

3. Set your alarm and pick “silent” as the ringtone.


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Friday 31st of October 2014

Thank you for posting this. I knew there was an easy solution. Bought the silent ringtone and I'm such a dolt. I forgot I already had one that I could use. Still saved me $20 buying something I didn't need.

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