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my favorite kids items at IKEA


I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post. All opinions are mine.

It’s no secret, I love IKEA.  It totally fits my criteria: colorful, practical, modern and inexpensive. Win! We have an IKEA relatively close, about 40 mins away. My mom and I probably head up there more often than we should… It helps that my 5 year old loooooves the supervised play area. Its even more exciting than going to the pool! It will be really awesome when my 2 year old turns 3 (and potty-trained), and then I can drop her off too.  Ohhhh that will be blissful.  One full hour of solo shopping. sigh…

Considering there are only a few dozen locations in the US, I know I’m lucky (and grateful!) to be as close to one as I am. If you’re planning a trip to one in the future, here are my favorite items.

1. The kids tableware collection Kalas gets used at every single meal at our house. You can get a set of either 6 bowls, plates, cups or flatware for only $1.99.  HELLO. There’s a reason this is number one on the list

2. Kids art supplies! Their paintbrushes are only $1.99 for the set of 6. We also like their cute little scissors ($3.99), watercolor set ($7.99, and beware, not washable. But so fun!), and their set of paper (which is heavier – between regular and cardstock and “pad” style, so it stays together if you want it to $3.99).

3. We LOVE their Mammut kids tablechairs and stools. They come in fun colors, and are perfect for tea parties, art projects or lunch. For $7.99-$34.99, these are prefect for playrooms.

4. Their Len crib sheets are amazing. Soft and generous fit (you know you hate crib sheets that are so tight that they mutilate the mattress!) Only $9.99 for a 2-pack and come in pink, white or blue.

5. The Mala easel is a must have for budding artists. Chalkboard on one side, whiteboard on the other, with a spot to attach a roll of their drawing paper ($4.99) And it all folds up. Awesome! $14.99

6. I like the two heights of this stepstool. It works great for getting those little people up high enough to use the kitchen sink and help with the cooking. $14.99 They also have a great little step for bathrooms, $4.99.

7. These cardboard magazine organizers were a total REVELATION. I used them to organize our little art closet, and put all of the coloring books in one set, and all our loose paper in the other set.  And the best part, only $1.99 for a set of 5!

8. I adore this highchair. I love that this chair wipes up perfectly clean, no crumbs stuck in cushions or stains on fabric. I can sanitize it to my hearts content. $24.99

What is your favorite IKEA buy?

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