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How to Make a Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath – Easy!


Learn how to make a hydrangea wreath using a wire wreath form and beautiful faux hydrangeas. This gorgeous rainbow hydrangea wreath can also be done in any color combination you prefer. Its a quick and easy DIY and the perfect colorful summer wreath!

I’ve been wanting a hydrangea wreath for awhile now. I have a few pinned, but most of the ones I saw on Pinterest were kinda …meh. I have a distinct wreath style, I like symmetrical and full and colorful! My tulip wreath was HUGE this year, and I’ve been wanting to follow it up with another bright and cheery wreath that could work through summer.

Naaaaaailed it!

How to make a Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath - with rainbow ombre hydrangeas

One can never have too many wreaths, right?! I’ve got my magnolia wreath up on my front door, and my faux boxwood wreath hanging above my desk. Now I have to decide where to put this gorgeous rainbow hydrangea wreath!

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I found some GORGEOUS hydrangeas at Michaels. They were displayed on the end of the rows of the floral section. I started off thinking I’d like the blues and purples together, and then I just couldn’t stop adding in all the colors! My heart was pumping as I slid each bunch into the wire wreath form and the rainbow went all the way around.

How to Make a Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath - easy!

Eeek! I knew I had stumbled upon rainbow ombre hydrangea magic.

Putting it together was fairly easy, since there isn’t really any “arranging” just assembling, I used the wire method that Artsy Chicks Rule shared on her Hydrangea Wreath tutorial with the wire form and floral wire. I’m pretty confident that anyone can make this wreath. If you can make my tulip wreath, you can TOTALLY make this DIY rainbow hydrangea wreath.

2021 UPDATE: I have also made hydrangea wreaths using a grapevine wreath as a base, and I love how they turn out! If you would like to use that technique, you can read about it here in my Summer Hydrangea Wreath tutorial. They’re also super easy.

Like I said, I found the hydrangeas at Michaels. They aren't super cheap, but they're usually on some sort of sale (they were 40% off for me) and Michaels frequently has other coupons you can use as well. I had an email with an "additional 20% off" in my email this morning, so I used it as well.

So I bought 12 hydrangea blooms and one 18" wire form. The flowers were about $5/ea and the form was a little over $4 with my coupon. Not my cheapest wreath, but... might be my prettiest!

If you're trying to order the blooms online, the colors I used were yellow, green, aqua, light blue, navy, lavender, violet, fuchsia, hot pink, pink, orange and peach. I think. But it might be easier to find them in stores. They're in the spring/summer floral section.

I played around with a smaller wreath form, like a 12" and about 6 blooms, and it was pretty dang beautiful too. So that's an option as well.

Hydrangea Wreath DIY

The only other thing you'll need is floral wire. For more info about wreath supplies and basic wreath making info, check out my Ultimate Wreath Making Guide. I love to help people make their own wreaths. Once you learn a couple tricks and techniques, you'll never have to pay the big bucks for one from a store. Promise!

How to make a hydrangea wreath

1. Start by cutting the hydrangea head off the big ol long stem as pictured. I usually have to use wire cutters, but these hydrangea stems were mostly plastic, so you could probably cut them with regular scissors.

Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath DIY

2. Cut off the leaves close the the main stem.

DIY Hydrangea Wreath - supplies needed

3. Using the floral wire, attach the bloom head to the wire form. It's not super technical, Its just a bit of weaving and sewing with the floral wire to secure it to the wire wreath.

How to Make a Hydrangea Wreath - using a wire wreath form and floral wire

4. Space the hydrangea blooms out as needed. The 18" wreath form has 9 vertical wires, so you can kind of use them to figure out your spacing. If you're using 12 blooms, you could secure the top and bottom, left and right, and then fill in the remaining 8 blooms in between.

How to Make a Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath - using a wire wreath form and floral wire

5. Keep on wiring the hydrangea blooms around the wreath form til you've got all 12 done.

DIY Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath - using a wire wreath form and floral wire

6. Wire in a few leaves, as desired. I honestly can't decide if I like it better with or without the leaves. There was some voting on my Instagram and FB, and it was split! Which do you prefer??


Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath - gorgeous ombre hydrangeas


Ombre Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath

On my gosh, either way, I am in love with this wreath. I'm tempted to do a few more variations on it, so follow me on Instagram (@thehowtomom) to watch for those.

I'd love to see YOUR rainbow hydrangea wreath when you're finished. Tag me on IG, or use the #thehowtomomwreaths hashtag, so I can go on and on about how beautiful it turned out and how amazingly talented you are.

How to Make a Rainbow Hydrangea Wreath - easy and stunning!

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