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How to Make A Spring Tulip Wreath – Easy DIY


Make this stunning tulip wreath and add a burst of spring to your front door! This clever technique is so easy, no craft skills required!

Spring is my favorite. The bright pastels! Fresh flowers! Warmer weather! Mini Cadbury Eggs! TULIPS! I’ve been wanting a bright springy tulip wreath, and I finally decided to figure out how to make one.

Easy DIY Tulip Wreath

How to Make a Spring Tulip Wreath

I glanced at a few existing wreath tutorials to get a feel for how others are made. And I decided I wanted a really uniform look, like all the tulips kind of blend into each other in a full circle around the wreath. I wanted to use smaller tulips, and I wanted it to look really clean and modern (so no grapevine base – more on different wreath bases here if you’re curious).

When I sat down to actually make the wreath, I tried a couple of the techniques I saw, but it just wasn’t coming together like I wanted. A lot of other tutorials have you wrap the base with ribbon first and then tuck in the flowers. But that was tricky to get the ribbon loose enough to tuck in the flowers, but tight enough to hold them. It was frustrating! And so I unwrapped it and started playing around, and came up with my own idea to tuck the flowers in as I went.


It turned out beautifully! I posted it to my Instagram and Facebook and I was flooded with requests for a tutorial, and I even had a few friends who requested I make one for them. So I put together this easy DIY tulip wreath tutorial, and little did I know just what an impact it would have!

Thousands and thousands of people have made their own tulip wreaths with this technique, and proudly sent me pictures to show off their beautiful creations. You can see a handful of them above, on my Instagram Highlight Bubble “Tulip Wreaths” and in the comments of my pins on Pinterest. I’m @thehowtomom on IG and kylieharris on Pinterest.

I think people love how easy this project actually is, and it just comes together so beautifully. It’s totally fool-proof! Friends who claimed to have zero craft skills were able easily make their own tulip wreath. And many of them had so much fun picking out the colors and making the tulip wreath, that they ended up making MORE wreaths to give to their friends and family. Its kind of addicting, you’ll see!

So, are you ready to make one too? Ok, lets jump in!

(If you’d rather just buy a tulip wreath, check out my round up of 30 of the prettiest tulip wreaths that are ready to buy and hang on your front door!)

How to Find the Perfect Tulips for your Wreath

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you choose to buy.

To make your own tulip wreath, you’ll need to purchase these beautiful mini faux tulips from Michaels. Depending on how full you like it, you could use between 9 and 14 bunches, I typically use about 10 bushes

rainbow mini tulips

The tulips come in about a dozen gorgeous colors from reds and pinks all the way to blues and purples. I can’t help but want to buy ALL OF THEM! For my original wreath (pictured at the top of this post), I used a combination of “cream tulip bush”, “pink and blush tulip bush”, and “coral and red tulip bush”.

The mini tulip bushes are finally available to order online this year (HOORAY!), so you can have them shipped to you, or order online and pickup in store (my favorite). You can see all the available mini tulip bush colors HERE.

They’re the $3.99 bushes, usually on an end-cap in the store, near the seasonal items, and they’re almost always at least 40% off. Each bloom is about 1.5 inches, a little shorter than your thumb. They’re typically in stores from January to May, or until your store sells out of them. Some years they go fast, so I buy them as soon as I see them!

2019 update: This year they have the full rainbow! Swooooon! I just had to try to make a rainbow tulip wreath, like my rainbow hydrangea wreath.You can see the gorgeous rainbow wreath near the end of this post, along with some other fun color combinations.

How to Make a Tulip Wreath - tulips from Michaels

Other Places to Find Small Faux Tulips

I’ve occasionally found mini-tulips at JoAnn and Dollar Tree. When they have them, the Dollar Tree versions are labeled as “crocus”, and the size is similar, but the quality isn’t so great (what do we expect for $1?! lol). You can a picture of my Dollar Tree version, along with some tips for making that one at the bottom of the post!

Supplies Needed to Make a Tulip Wreath

  • Tulips
  • Foam wreath form
  • 1.5 in satin ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral pins and/or hot glue gun
  • Twine or string

Along with 10-14 bushes of mini tulips, you’ll also need a foam wreath (I used a 14 inch size), a spool of 1.5in satin ribbon in a matchy color (you’ll probably need around 7 yds), wire cutters, and either hot glue gun or floral pins, or both.

Ok, so here’s how to do it:

Tulip Wreath DIY - Gorgeous and Easy!

beautiful spring tulip wreath with stunning silk tulips

Make this stunning tulip wreath to add a burst of spring to your front door. This clever technique is quite simple, no crafty skills required!

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy



  1. Snip the large stems from each bush. Each bush has 8 stems with 2-3 blooms on each stem. Using wire cutters, cut a each stem a few inches away from the base of the bush. Move all the leaves and greenery up to the base of the blooms. I like the leaves, but you don't want them, you can take them off by slipping them off the cut end.Make your own stunning spring tulip wreath - start by cutting stems off tulip bush
  2. Secure the ribbon to the wreath. You can use either hot glue or floral pins to attach the ribbon. I like to work with the ribbon coming up in the center and then back around to the outer edge. I start on the left side of the wreath, but maybe that's because I'm a righty? haha Make a spring tulip wreath using foam wreath and satin ribbon
  3. Start wrapping the ribbon and tucking the tulips in as you go. Typically, I put two stems in each row of ribbon, and try to alternate so they fill the space nicely. The closet the ribbon is to the blooms, the tighter the effect. If you like more of a random look, you can leave more of the stem exposed which will cause the tulips to flop around a bit more. Both are beautiful! Pull the ribbon nice and tight! How to make a gorgeous spring tulip wreath - tuck the blooms into the ribbon
  4. Continue wrapping and tucking around the wreath. Your ribbon will overlap quite a bit towards the center of the wreath, and should barely overlap on the outer edge. This is important to be consistent with, otherwise you may wrap the ribbon too closely and you’ll run out of ribbon or flowers or both! How to make a tulip wreath - tuck tulips into wrapped ribbon
  5. Finish off the wreath by wiggling your last few stems into the first few stems. It gets a little tricky to fit the tulips in, but just do your best to cover all the foam, and get enough tulips in to fill the space. If you need to hot glue a few in, I won’t tell.DIY Spring Tulip Wreath with satin ribbon and foam wreath form
  6. Secure the ribbon and add a loop for hanging. When you place your last tulip in it's spot, secure the ribbon to the wreath with hot glue or floral pins. Then slip in a loop and fold the ribbon over the loop and secure it to the wreath. How to finish off spring tulip wreath


If your front door receives lots of sun (faces west in the US) and gets really hot, the hot glue may melt and cause things to fall apart, which is very very sad!! In those cases, I would recommend using floral pins with (or instead of) hot glue. You can also try using a straw wreath form instead of a foam, if you think that might melt too. Some doors get HOT!

This technique can be used with other sizes or types of flowers. Just keep in mind that the flowers will kind of lay on their side, so it would need to be a flower that looks good from the side, not straight on.

Beautiful Tulip Wreath DIY - with satin ribbon

Even the back of this tulip wreath is pretty!! If you don’t have a wreath hanger, you can use a pretty Command hook (like on the teal door below), or you can string a long loop through the wreath and over the top of your door and secure it with a smaller upside-down Command hook on the back of your door, near the top.

For more tips on hanging your wreaths, check out my post all about how to hang a wreath.

How to Make a Dollar Tree Tulip Wreath

How to Make a Dollar Tree Tulip Wreath

Sometimes Dollar Tree carries mini-tulips (sometimes labeled as “Crocus”). So when I saw them, I just had to try making a tulip wreath entirely from Dollar Tree supplies! I used one of their small grapevine wreaths (I think its about 12 in), skinny satin ribbon (probably 5/8″) and 15 bunches of tulips.

Dollar Tree Tulip Wreath DIY

The instructions are pretty much the same as above. A few tips:

-Dollar Tree tulips aren’t quite as sturdy as Michaels tulips, the blooms fall off the stems fairly easily. If they fall off after you’re all done, you can just hot glue them back into place.

-With these flowers, the leaves were bigger and there were more of them. So I decided to use the leaves much more sparingly. Each stem comes with 3 leaves, so I cut off at least a few from every stem.

-The ribbon at Dollar Tree is skinnier than the Michaels version, but it still works. The back isn’t covered as completely as the original version. No biggie.

Tulip Wreath Color Combinations

I love playing with color combos, and this purpledy-pink tulip wreath turned out lovely. We’ve also made one with all the shades of pink, and one with creams and soft peach. I love the pink/yellow/orange combo too!

Easy DIY Tulip Wreath - with pink and purple tulips

This peachy tulip wreath below was made my my sister-in-law, Suzanne. It looks absolutely stunning on her teal door! And now I want to paint my front door…

Spring tulip wreath DIY - looks gorgeous on this teal door!

I also love this blue/green wreath I made in 2019, it was really popular in my Etsy shop back in the day.

Blue and Green Tulip Wreath

How to Make a Rainbow Tulip Wreath

And behold the rainbow tulip wreath! I am so proud of this beauty!! It was TRICKY to get the colors to flow just right. I had to rearrange the tulip blooms to get the rainbow effect to work. I used blooms from light purple, blue, green, blush, salmon and hot pink tulip bushes. The other obstacle was getting the colors to match up at the end. I only had to redo it 4-5 times… But it was WORTH IT.

Rainbow Tulip Wreath

I also created a second rainbow tulip wreath in 2020. Its a little bolder and brighter, but I love it as well. This one was tricky also, I attempted it at least a dozen times, and would have to undo it and start over because the ending color didn’t meet up with the starting color. Also WORTH IT. All the heart eyes for rainbows!

Colorful rainbow tulip wreath for spring

There are so many gorgeous color combinations possible! You can see a few of the hundreds of wreaths that people have made using my tutorial on my Instagram Highlight (@thehowtomom). Let me know when you make yours, I’d love to see it! Tag me and use the #thehowtomomwreaths hashtag so I can go on and on about how amazingly talented and crafty you are!

Pink and yellow tulip wreath DIY

If you’ve enjoyed making this spring tulip wreath, and have some ideas for wreaths for other seasons, I’ve shared lots of wreath making tips and tricks in my Ultimate Wreath Making Guide. Making wreaths can be such a fun way to craft and decorate for the holidays!

For more beautiful spring wreath tutorials, check out my roundup of Cheerful Spring Wreath DIY Ideas or my list of Easy and Adorable Easter Wreath DIYs. So many gorgeous wreaths!

DIY tulip wreath - stunning spring wreath

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Lydia @ Thrifty Frugal Mom

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

This is gorgeous and looks totally doable even for a non-crafty person like me. :)


Thursday 23rd of March 2017

Definitely! No craft skills required, but you totally can't tell by looking at it!


Monday 13th of March 2017

So pretty and easy I think I could do it!!


Monday 13th of March 2017

You totally can! I'd love to see it when its done!


Thursday 2nd of March 2017

I love these wreaths! Thanks for teaching me how - I love my pink tulips!


Monday 27th of February 2017

This is on my to do list. The need a new spring wreath! Thanks Kylie!


Monday 27th of February 2017

You're welcome! I can't wait to see what colors you choose!

Wendy O'Bryant

Monday 27th of February 2017

Ummmmm not sure why I wrote my maiden name. ?


Monday 27th of February 2017

Hahaha Bringing it back to the college days! Whenever Ash and I talk about people from college, it feels weird to use their married name. So sometimes we don't. ;)

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