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Kitchen Hack – drill holes into your trash can


I love a good life hack, and I especially like a good kitchen hack. One that makes me go DUH! SO SMART!

Trash cans are so yucky, but a necessary evil, I suppose. They’re especially gross when you’ve got a toddler in the house. Because you never know what they’re going to toss into the trash (I wonder how many toys and other random things we accidentally throw away!) and you never know when they’re going to dig into them and pull stuff out. GROSS. And dogs add another layer or trash drama, which is another reason I don’t want a dog.

But I digress, back to the kitchen hack!

You know how when you put in a new trash bag into the can, and it gets all puffy and weird? And then after you toss some trash in, you have to let the trapped air escape by pulling the liner back a bit? Do you know what I’m talking about? You can eliminate the puffy bag thing by drilling a hole or two into the side of the trash can to let the air escape on its own! It also makes it easier to pull the full trash bag out, because the holes reduce the suction issue. Simple little kitchen hack!

Kitchen Hack - drill holes in your trash can

I drilled my holes near the bottom, but not too close, in case something leaked out of the bag, it won’t leak all over my floor too. One hole may be enough, but I liked two.

Also, its nice to have my own drill for little projects like this, and not have to haul out my husbands big ol drill set from the garage. I keep it nice and handy in the laundry room. I love this handheld cordless drill from Ikea, you can also find a similar drill on Amazon here. It might be easier to just Prime it (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!), especially if your Ikea is 3.5 hours away like mine, boo hoo.

Someday I may invest in a nice trash can with a sensor and all that. But honestly, I kind of prefer the cheap plastic ones, so I can get rid of it when it gets gross and stinky and not feel bad about it. Yes, trash cans really are a necessary evil. But somewhat less evil now that I don’t have to manually vent the stinky trash can air onto my face on the regular, or rip the bag as I’m trying to pull it out of the can.

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Kitchen Hack - Drill a hole in your trash can

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