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The Ultimate Birkencrocs Guide

Birkencrocs are waterproof and supportive, inexpensive and lightweight. The best of both worlds! Why pick one when you can have both? Have you heard of the term “Birkencrocs”? Perhaps saw someone joking about it on Twitter or Instagram? Well, they’re no joke. They’re pretty awesome! What are “Birkencrocs”? “Birkencrocs” are Birkenstock brand sandals made with …

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Squishy Summer Sandals – no more flat flip flops!

I’ve tossed all my cheap-o flip flops, and have been on a hunt for nice and squishy summer sandals. It’s taken some work, but I’ve found a few winners! My feet need the all the extra squishy cushion they can get. I’m not sure if I’ve got legit plantar fasciitis, or I’ve just worn crappy …

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