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The Ultimate Birkencrocs Guide


Birkencrocs are waterproof and supportive, inexpensive and lightweight. The best of both worlds! Why pick one when you can have both?

Have you heard of the term “Birkencrocs”? Perhaps saw someone joking about it on Twitter or Instagram? Well, they’re no joke. They’re pretty awesome!

What are “Birkencrocs”?

“Birkencrocs” are Birkenstock brand sandals made with EVA, a synthetic material which makes the sandals lightweight and waterproof. Because they aren’t damaged by water, people to wear them to the pool, gym, beach, or outdoors where they may get wet. Regular cork-soled Birkenstock sandals can get ruined if they get too wet too often.

Because of their synthetic material, they are also significantly less expensive than their cork-soled Birkenstock cousins. “Birkencrocs” typically cost $30-$40, whereas the same style of classic Birkenstocks are in the $100 range.

Although it can be argued (likely heated!) that Crocs clogs are not “trendy” or “cool”, “Birkencrocs” have the lightweight and waterproof features of Crocs, but in a more …socially acceptable design.


Is Birkencrocs the real name?

No. The official name for these type of sandals are Birkenstock EVA. “Birkencroc” is just a silly term coined on social media. But its catchy!

I used the term in my Summer Sandals Guide and Birkencrocs were my Top Summer Sandal of 2017. But I don’t think I was the first to call them that. 😉

Where did the name Birkencrocs come from?

The term “Birkencrocs” is a combination of the brand names “Birkenstock” and “Crocs.” They have the famous Birkenstock ergonomical design with the waterproof and comfort features of Crocs.

How many styles of Birkencrocs are there?

Currently there are 4 styles for adults and one style for kids. The Madrid (one strap) style only comes in Womens sizes.

The most popular style is the classic 2-strap version, the Arizona EVA. They come in lots of colors, from basic black and navy to funky pinks and bright blues.

Birkenstock EVA sandals come in narrow or regular width.

Are Birkenstock EVA sandals comfortable?

Absolutely! I’ve had a pair for a few years now and they’re still super comfortable. They didn’t have much of a breaking in period, unlike their cork-soled cousins. I was able to start wearing them for a full day at a time, right out of the box.

Do Birkenstock EVA sandals provide arch support?

I’d say they offer a moderate amount of arch support. They’re absolutely way more supportive than plain flip-flops. But the EVA is a lot squishier than the cork, so Birkencrocs aren’t quite *as* supportive as the cork-soled counterparts. But for easy and inexpensive summer sandals, they’re awesome.

Where to find Birkencrocs

You can find the Birkenstock EVA sandals at many retailers.
Dicks Sporting Goods
Urban Outfitters
and more

Birkencrocs for kids

EVA sandals are a great option for kids! They’re durable and lightweight, and they come in fun colors.

I hope that helps explain what Birkencrocs are and where the name came from. They’re pretty great, I’m definitely a fan! Next summer I’m planning on getting a pair of coral Gizeh style Birkenstock EVAs. Which ones do you like?

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