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Best Summer Sandals – Birkenstock Arizona EVA


In high school and college, I used to wear Old Navy flip flops, exclusively. And I totally made fun of my my mom who said that she couldn’t wear cheap flip flops because they hurt her feet.

Karma, guys.

I’m now 35 and my feet seriously kill by the end of the day if I wear crappy flat shoes. My heel hurts, and my arch aches, and it makes me tired and crabby. I did some googling and I think I might have plantar fasciitis (Me and WebMD are good buds). I’m trying to keep it at bay as long as I can, which means wearing good shoes. Good, supportive, cushioned shoes.

But I’m not ready to spend my money at Naturalizer just yet, not for at least another decade or two… haha. So the life-long hunt for cute and also comfortable shoes is on. Oh, and also not uber expensive, por favor.

One of the top ergonomical shoe brands is Birkenstock, and they’re pretty trendy right now. I see lots of hipstery teens wearing them, so they must be cool. But the real deal Birks are kinda spendy, and even if I did fork over the money for them, they’re not very cushy. Ergonomically, they’re awesome. They’re some of the best supportive shoes you can buy. But the footbed is pretty firm, and it makes my foot tired and achy.

So when my sister showed me her new squishy Birkenstock sandals (they’re made from EVA), and I tried them on, I knew it was going to be a good thing.

Trendy and Cushy Summer Sandals

I’ve had them for a few months now, and they’re AWESOME. They’re like a fraction of the cost of real Birkenstocks (usually around $35). And they’re supportive, and just the right about of squish. We joke and call them “Birken-Crocs” because they’re like the lovechild of ergonomical/trendy Birks and comfy/easy to care for Crocs.

You’re going to love them, promise! Find them on Amazon HERE.

For more of my current favorite sandals, check out my post on Squishy Summer Sandals. These Birkenstocks are also a part of my 2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe! For more real mom style tips, check out this outfit post.

Comfy Summer Sandals - Birkenstock Arizona EVA

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