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The Search for Elsa and Anna from FROZEN


I was a little bummed when my husband took our girls on a daddy daughter date to go see FROZEN the movie without me. The next day, my girls talked non-stop about the songs and the funny snowman named Olaf, and the sisters, Anna and Elsa. My oldest daughter has white blond hair (like Elsa) and my youngest has darker strawberry-ish blond hair (like Anna).  I’m pretty sure they think that Disney made the movie just for them.

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Since I bought all their Christmas presents before the movie came out, the girls didn’t really get a chance to ask for the FROZEN toys they wanted. They both wanted a doll-sized Elsa and Anna. After I finally got to see the movie with them, I was couldn’t help it, I wanted to get them more FROZEN stuff too! But every store I went to had Anna, and Elsa was always sold out.

Disney FROZEN the movie Elsa toy #shop #frozenfun #cbias

This past weekend, I checked Walmart online and saw that the store just south of where we lived had a decent stock of FROZEN toys. So off we went to find Elsa!

When we walked in, my girls saw the reusable FROZEN bags on display at the Subway in Walmart. They begged to eat there so they could get each get a bag. They were excited and pretty much danced and sang “Let it Go” the whole time I was trying to order our lunch. And while they were eating. Silly girls.

Disney FROZEN the movie Subway Fresh Fit Kids Meals #shop #frozenfun #cbias

Searching for Elsa and Anna dolls

Then we continued on our search. First we checked the toy section (next to the Disney Princesses) and found quite a bit on display.

Disney FROZEN the movie Olaf toy Anna toy #shop #frozenfun #cbias

The Walmart was pretty well stocked with Anna and Olaf toys. A cute Anna dress-up and wig, dancing and singing Olaf, and a mini sleigh with “swirling snow.” But, like the other stores in the area, the Elsa toys were scarce. Bummer.

So we headed up to the book section to see if they had the FROZEN Look and Find hidden pictures book. Success! We also picked up the “Step into Reading” book, “Big Snowman, Little Snowman.” The reading level is perfect for my little kindergartener.

Disney FROZEN the movie books #shop #frozenfun #cbias

We had almost given up, but when we got to the front of the store where they had a bunch of Christmas toys. They had a few more FROZEN toys, and

…cue the angels singing…


Disney FROZEN the movie Elsa toy Anna toy #shop #frozenfun #cbias

Look at these happy girls! My little Anna and Elsa with their own Anna and Elsa.

Disney FROZEN the movie Elsa and Anna dolls #shop #frozenfun #cbias

By the checkout area, we saw this little FROZEN beanie and had to have it. “I Anna, mom! Wook-wook mom, I Anna!” My toddler insisted on wearing it all day. And I let her. Those cheeks!

Disney FROZEN the movie Anna beanie #shop #frozenfun #cbias

On the way home, the girls held their FROZEN dolls and sang along with the songs from the soundtrack. “Do you want to build a snowman,” “For the first time in forever” and “Let it go” over and over. Happy little sisters! They were so happy that we found Elsa.

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Sara @ Mom Endeavors

Tuesday 21st of January 2014

What a fun shopping trip! Looks like so much fun! #client

[email protected]

Tuesday 21st of January 2014

My girls were in heaven! Thank you :)

Liz Mrozowski

Saturday 11th of January 2014

Your girls are beautiful! How old is your youngest...I ask becuase I was waiting until Gracie turned three (happened on dec 15!) to take her to the movies. I was three when I first saw my first movie theater movie (Cinderella) so I wanted to make it like a coming of age thing haha. anyways, I'm not sure if frozen would be too scary/sad for her? My sister saw it with her daughter, but her daughter is 10, and my sister was thinking it might be a little too "old" for Gracie. Would love your opinion!

[email protected]

Monday 13th of January 2014

Thank you Liz! Paige is almost 3. She has seen FROZEN in the theater twice, and basically barely moved a muscle til about the last 15 minutes. It really keeps your attention. I don't think its too old for her, or too sad/scary. There isn't really a "villian," and there is a couple of tender moments, but they don't push it too far. I think you should totally take her! Paige LOVED it, I bet your Gracie will too!


Friday 10th of January 2014

We saw it just last night and I need that soundtrack! Lucy needs the dolls for sure!

[email protected]

Monday 13th of January 2014

The soundtrack is amazing, I find myself singing it a lot too. :) We just bought a few of the songs on itunes, but lets be honest, I will probably buy the rest of the album too.

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