January 16, 2014

Greek Yogurt in Mini Ice Cream Cones

Greek yogurt is a super healthy snack for toddlers and kids, it is high in protein and low in carbs. My girls don't always go for a bowl of yogurt, but its irrisistable in a mini cone!

I found these cute mini cones (they're only a couple inches high!) at Walmart, but you can also order them on Amazon here. Then I just spoon in whatever flavor of Greek yogurt that I have on hand. And if the girls are lucky, they get a few sprinkles on top.

A little healthy and a little fun!

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  1. Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes with kids and food...presentation is everything! Amazing what they will eat if you just mix it up. :)

    1. Thanks Cambria! Its totally true. When I remember to make it a little fun, it really helps things go more smoothly. With meals and everything else! haha

      Thanks for commenting :)