about me

I'm Kylie (aka The How To Mom). I love that you can figure anything out with the help of google, and I love to share the new ideas and techniques with my friends and family. I like making life easier for people.

I have two sweet little girls and a husband who is a saint for putting up with my antsy ways! I lay awake at night thinking about all the things I can do and make. I am always in the middle of a project, and then get sidetracked with a new idea, and on and on! I love collecting crafting supplies, and organizing them, and then starting projects with them ...and sometimes I finish them, and sometimes I don't!

Why I blog.

I think moms are happiest when we feel good about ourselves. And different things make different people feel good. For some, its important to be well-dressed and put together. For others, a clean house is supremely satisfying. Some crave social interaction with friends and family. Or perhaps others feel most invigorated by crafting and creating. Some find satisfaction in a stocked pantry and dinner on the table. Others are happiest when embarking on an adventure with their kids. And some live for the next weekend getaway with their spouse.

I am a combination of all those moms. This blog is part of my pursuit of happiness. Join me!

PS Read my blog-ifesto to see what I am and what I am not.