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5 Best Toddler Ride-On Cars With Parental Remote Control


My son grew up on these battery-powered ride-on cars. They are great for introducing young ones to the world of driving and can also help to hone their perception and motor skills.

These days, parental remote controls are available for some models. If you are trying to decide which one is best for your toddler, I’ve done a ton of research and put together this list just for you!

The best toddler ride-on car with parental remote control is the Costzon Ride-On Truck (link to Amazon). It operates on a 12V battery and comes with a 2.4GHz parental remote control. This toy vehicle also has a soft start feature and multi-point safety belt, offering high safety assurance. 

Alternatively, you can consider the following options: 

Ride on toys with parent remote control for toddlers.
My son hauling our poodle around on his ride-on jeep.

Below, I will give you my recommended list of parental remote-control ride-on cars, together with a breakdown of each product’s features. Further down, you will get to know what a parental remote-control ride-on car is and what features you will want to look out for when weighing your options.

One thing to keep in mind here – every toddler is different. Some of these may be too much for one toddler and not enough for another. Judge your buying decision in part on how big of a ride your toddler is ready for.

Best Overall: Costzon Ride on Truck, 12V Battery Powered Electric Ride on Car

The Costzon Ride On Truck (link to Amazon) is a solid option for most families. It comes with a soft start function — the vehicle has gradual acceleration and won’t jerk when your child steps on the pedal. 

The added spring suspension adds to your child’s riding experience. It helps the toy drive smoothly on uneven terrains and gives you better control when using the parental remote. 

Bonus features include a multi-point safety belt and anti-skid tires that are resistant to wear. A shift lever also allows your toddler to go forward and reverse whenever they want. 


  • Comes with shock suspension. 
  • Tires are robust for road use. 
  • Decent battery life. 
  • Has a soft start function.


  • Tricky to assemble.  

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages3-7 years old
MaterialPolypropylene, Iron
Weight Capacity66 lb (29.9 kg)
Maximum Speed1.9-3.7 mph (3-6 km/h)
Battery 12V

Best Value for Money: Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride on Truck Car

The Best Choice Products Kids Ride On Truck Car (link to Amazon) comes with all the necessities at a lower price point than other brands. If you’re looking for a basic ride-on toy, this one covers all your toddler’s driving and safety needs. 

This vehicle features an adjustable harness and lockable doors to ensure your child is safely secured during their adventures. The parental remote also comes with forward and reverse functions.

The tires on this ride-on toy are very robust — the tire’s tread patterns give good traction, so kids can travel on almost any terrain. 


  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Can drive on most terrains with no trouble. 
  • Good battery life. 


  • The remote control range isn’t very far. 
  • Takes a while to fully charge. 

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages3 years and above
MaterialPolypropylene, Metal
Weight Capacity61 lb (27.7 kg)
Maximum Speed2.8 mph (4.5 km/h) 
Battery 12V

Best for Smaller Toddlers: Radio Flyer Grow With Me Racer Kids Battery Powered, and Remote Control Ride on Toy

If your toddler is on the small side, or you want to start them young, this Radio Flyer Grow with Me Ride On Toy (link to Amazon) is a great choice. It’s shaped like a race car, offering greater stability due to its lower center of gravity. 

This race car ride-on toy can spin in all directions, offering greater control and flexibility to your kid. Although it has a lower battery capacity of 6V, it can go up to 2 mph (3.2 km/h), which is a lot of speed for a small battery. 

Parents won’t need to worry about losing the remote since there is a storage space under the seat. The toy has three modes: adult-controlled, child-driven with adult override, and child-driven.


  • Comes with three driving options.
  • It can spin 360°.
  • The car automatically shuts off when outside of remote range. 


  • Long charging time. 
  • Steering can be awkward. 

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages1.5-4 years old
Weight Capacity43 lb (19.5 kg)
Maximum Speed2 mph (3.2 km/h)
Battery 6V

Best Premium Car: Kidzone Kids 12V Electric Ride on Licensed Lamborghini Sian Roadster Motorized Toy Car

Does your toddler like fancy cars? Consider getting this Kidzone Licensed Lamborghini Toy Car (link to Amazon). It is officially licensed, meaning that Lamborghini has given permission for its brand and aesthetics to be replicated for the design of this toy car. 

This ride-on car is just as powerful as the real thing, too — it has two 25W motors on its rear powered by a 12V battery. However, rest assured that your kids remain safe as the maximum speed of the toy vehicle goes up to only 3 mph (4.8 km/h).

The toy car is stylish, too. It has scissor doors that operate on hydraulics, so your child can enter and exit their vehicle in style. The exterior has a carbon fiber body kit, giving the car a premium look and feel. 


  • Multiple speeds to choose from. 
  • Has spring suspension. 
  • Comes with a slow start function. 


  • The seat is a bit small. 
  • Some colors go out of stock often.

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages3-6 years old
MaterialPlastic, Carbon Fiber
Weight Capacity55 lb (24.9 kg)
Maximum Speed2-3 mph (3.2-4.8 km/h)
Battery 12V

Best Indoor Car: Kidzone DIY Sticker Race Car 6V Kids Toy Electric Ride on Bumper Car

If you prefer to have your toddler ride indoors, get this Kidzone Ride On Bumper Car (link to Amazon). This toy is shaped like a seat with a bumper around its edges, so it won’t damage furniture in your home. 

Instead of a wheel, your kid will control the bumper car with two joysticks. The ride-on toy also features a 360° spin, so they can move in any direction. 

The ride-on bumper car also has a built-in safety function when the parental remote control is active — the toy will shut down when it ventures too far out of the remote’s range, perfect for when you want to keep your child nearby.  


  • Quick charge time (except the first charge).
  • Has a 360° spin action.
  • Comes with anti-flat tires.


  • The noise when driving may be too loud for some. 

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages1.5-3 years old
Weight Capacity66 lb (29.9 kg)
Speed0.75 mph (1.2 km/h)
Battery 6V

What Is a Parental Remote Control Ride-On Car?

When you think of a ride-on car, you may be wondering what kind of mechanism the toy runs on. Some ride-on toys require an adult to push the toy, or the child will use their feet to move around. The toy will have a motor built into the vehicle for remote control ride-on cars.

A parental remote-control ride-on car is a toy vehicle that a child can ride in that can be controlled by a parent-held remote. Most designs allow the child to drive themselves manually, too. They are miniature versions of cars for young children to drive indoors or outdoors. 

As your toddler grows, they can transition from manual ride-on toys to motorized ones to develop a sense of independence. The beauty of remote control ride-on cars is that parents can take over whenever the need arises. 

However, if you are considering getting a ride-on car to keep your toddler entertained but find that it is out of your budget, check out my article on how to keep your toddler busy

Benefits of Getting a Ride-On Car

There are several benefits to getting your kid a ride-on car. Nowadays, toy vehicles come with many government-regulated safety precautions, so you can rest assured that your child is exposed to minimal danger. Here are some benefits of getting your toddler a ride-on car: 

  • Develops their motor skills. Ride-on cars test your toddler’s motor skills by encouraging them to engage with the controls and buttons in the vehicle. 
  • Builds depth perception and spatial awareness. Although smaller in size, ride-on cars simulate actual driving experiences. A child will learn how to navigate the space they are given and estimate depth and distance. 
  • Learn about road safety. As your toddler rides around, they also learn what they can and cannot do with a vehicle. Setting up obstacles in your child’s play area and teaching them workarounds mimics a learner’s driving experience. 
  • Gives them independence. Letting your toddler drive themselves around builds their sense of independence and promotes decision-making skills. 

Factors To Consider

However, there are some factors to consider when determining whether or not a ride-on toy is right for your child. 


Ride-on remote-control cars come with a recommended age limit on the label. Generally, these toys are made for children aged three and up, but some on the market come in smaller builds to suit younger toddlers. 

Ensure that you check the age limit for toys. Toddlers develop fine motor and cognitive skills as they mature, so younger kids will have trouble mastering what older ones can do well. 

Number of Motors

There are two types of motors in ride-on cars: single-motor and dual-motors. These motors are typically found at the back of the car and powered by a built-in battery. The number of motors will influence how fast the car can move when there is a heavy load.

The number of motors won’t affect a toy’s maximum speed. However, it does matter when there is a heavier load in the car. A higher number of motors will ensure that the ride-on toy does not slow down when a heavier burden is placed on the toy.  

Weight Capacity

As with age, you will need to check whether the ride-on car can accommodate your toddler’s weight. Some ride-on toys are two-seaters, so you must be careful that your children do not exceed the total weight capacity. 

Not following the recommended weight limit can result in the toy breaking or children getting injured. Most ride-on cars are made from plastic, which can break apart if your kid grows too big to ride comfortably. 

Speed Range

Each vehicle’s speed range is different and depends on battery capacity. Higher speeds equal more exhilarating rides, but they are risky if your child loses control of their vehicle. 

Think about the space and terrain available for your child’s ride-on toys. With parental remotes, it becomes easier because you can control the speed of the toy car. 


Battery capacity decides how much juice the ride-on car is getting. You can find ride-on cars with rechargeable batteries these days, making it much more convenient than swapping out batteries. 

A higher battery will allow the car to go faster and vice versa. You might want to consider smaller batteries for younger children, like a 6V one. Batteries range from 6V to 24V, but 12V is typically the safer and most common choice. 

Safety Features

As most ride-on cars aim to deliver an authentic driving experience, the safeguards often mimic those of a real car. Seat belts, headlights, door locks, and durable plastic wheels are just a few safety features to look out for in a ride-on toy. 

According to Heather MacKenzie from BestReviews, there aren’t any official safety standards set by the government for ride-on toys (source).

All the safety features in a toy vehicle will have to be judged by the parents at their discretion.

Comparison Table

ModelBatteryMaximum SpeedScore
Costzon Ride On Truck12V3.7 mph (6 km/h)8/10
Best Choice Products Kids Ride On Truck Car12V2.8 mph (4.5 km/h)7/10
Radio Flyer Grow with Me Racer Kids Ride On Toy6V2 mph (3.2 km/h)7.5/10
Kidzone Ride On Licensed Lamborghini Sian Roadster Motorized Toy Car12V3 mph (4.8 km/h)7.5/10
Kidzone DIY Sticker Race Car Kids Ride On Bumper Car6V0.75 mph (1.2 km/h)6.5/10

Final Words

The Costzon Ride On Truck (link to Amazon) is the best option for parents looking to buy a parental remote control ride-on toy. It’s beefy and isn’t likely be outgrown too quickly. 

The Costzon Ride On Truck also comes with several safety features, including: 

  • A multi-point seat belt
  • Anti-skid tires
  • Soft start function
  • Shock suspension

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