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Can You Wear High Heels With Jeans?


Most women would agree that high heels are shoes holding great power (source). Wearing them can elevate your look and attitude more than any other fashion piece. When you combine high heels with the comfort of your jeans, you get a simple but elegant outfit anyone can pull off.

The look of high heels with jeans can be adjusted depending on the top and accessories chosen. The top you decide to wear can take your outfit in two opposite directions: dressy or casual. You can wear these outfits anywhere, depending on the height of the heels and the form of your jeans.

Keep reading to learn more about the best heels one can wear with different types of jeans. I will also discuss how to style your entire outfit by choosing the perfect top. If you need inspiration for your next outfit, you have come to the right place!

The Best Heels To Wear With Jeans

To properly style your high heels with jeans, consider the length and form of the jeans. Moreover, consider the type of heel and how high or thin it is. A general rule is that the thinner the heel, the skinnier the jeans should be.

Stiletto Heels Go With Everything

I can’t think of a bad fashion combination that includes wearing stilettos. Therefore, don’t be afraid to wear them with any type of jeans. If you wear skinny jeans with stilettos, you can be sure you will have legs for days.

Stiletto heels look great with jeans.

I would suggest pointed-toe stiletto shoes with wide-leg or boot-cut jeans. The width and length of the jeans would perfectly balance the pointed tip of the shoe.

Wearing ripped jeans with stilettos will make your entire outfit appear more youthful and edgy. Choose classic black stilettos, ripped blue jeans, and any top you can find. For a more elegant look, include indigo jeans, stilettos, and a satin top.

The color of the shoes can vary. You can match the shoes with the top or contrast them.

Wear Block Heels for a Retro Look

You will definitely feel the most comfortable wearing thick block heels. The perfect jeans for this heel type are bell bottoms or wide-leg jeans. This retro look will complement your curves. 

When dressing your upper body, unleash your inner hippie. You can pick a top in just about any color of the rainbow, or all of them at once – go wild! I suggest you have fun and wear prints or bold colors with this outfit.

High-Heeled Sandals for Hot Summer Nights

Strappy sandals look really flattering on your feet. Therefore, you do not want your jeans to cover your ankles. Choose lace-up sandals for a chic look and combine them with cropped jeans. 

Ankle jeans will look great with ankle-strap heels. This is the perfect summer look to feel comfortable and elegant. Summer sandals are a very comfortable and stylish option. Wedges like these can look fashionable even with a simple T-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans.

Wear Classic Pumps With a Twist

Choose some toe-cut pumps to create an interesting look. I would wear them with skinny jeans or ankle jeans. Do not choose wide-legged jeans with toe cuts because these styles clash. The peep toes are more ladylike, whereas the wide jeans give off more masculine energy.

You can always go for platform shoes when wearing jeans. In my opinion, the higher, the better. They will look perfect for a night out in the club. 

Choosing the Best Top to Wear With Jeans and High Heels

The best top to wear with jeans and high heels is one that matches the elegance of your heels and the fit of your jeans. Make sure that your top balances the cut of the jeans. For example, if you wear wide jeans, combine them with a tight shirt and vice versa.

An Oversized Shirt Is a Must

An oversized shirt makes the classic heel more fun and casual. You may even wear it off-the-shoulder. A white shirt or a button-down blouse (Amazon link) would fit any type of jeans and heels.

A Crop Top and a Blazer

The crop top is a versatile fashion item. It can be worn at casual or dressy events.

When you combine the crop top with jeans and high heels, you can wear it for dinner or a night out with friends. If you are afraid that the top is too revealing, wear it with high-waisted jeans. The outfit would not be complete without a blazer. I suggest choosing an oversized blazer (Amazon link) for a classy everyday combination. 

Have Fun With Colors

Choosing black and white to wear with your blue jeans is the safest and probably the most boring way. Be careful not to get too matchy. For example, avoid wearing a black top with black shoes or a white top with white shoes. Nothing about it screams fashion or makes heads turn. 

Red high heels add a splash of color when worn with jeans.

Since jeans are the simplest item you can wear, spice them up with a chic top and colorful heels. You can wear any color of heels with your jeans.

That’s the beauty of it. Even if the color clashes with the top, it will make an impression. The jeans create a buffer between what you wear on the upper part of your body and the shoes.

Final Thoughts

Wearing jeans and high heels is always a good idea. Find the ones you feel most comfortable in. When it comes to combining them, the sky’s the limit, as you can wear heels with just about any style of jeans, especially if you’re wearing stilettos. 

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