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Easy DIY Halloween Wreath – with spiders and boxwood


Make this super easy DIY Halloween Wreath in minutes with a few leftover Halloween decorations and a basic green wreath. Spooky and fun!

In continuing with my “use one boxwood wreath for a whole year” project, I bring you my super easy Halloween Wreath with spooky spider webs and spiders!

This one literally took minutes to make. I had some extra spider web in our Halloween decorations bin, and I grabbed the larger plastic spiders from my mantle.

Stretch the web and place the spiders and voila!

Easy Spider Web Wreath

How to Make an Easy Halloween Wreath

1. Start with an existing green wreath. I use the one from my faux boxwood wreath DIY. You can also buy boxwood wreaths at craft stores and on Amazon.

2. Put on the spider web. The trick with the fake spider web is to stretch it out pretty thin. Its nice to have some variation in thickness, but ultimately thinner is more realistic.

Easy Halloween Wreath with spider web and spiders

3. Place spiders in the web. They should stay without any glue or wires. Faux spider web is pretty tangly the spiders should just stick in there just fine. And if they hang off a bit, that just makes it more realistic, right? lol

You can grab the spider web and spiders from Amazon, or you can easily find them at Dollar Tree or Walmart. It helps to add in a larger fake spider that is visible from a distance.

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