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Spooky and Fun DIY Wreaths for Halloween


Looking for DIY wreaths for Halloween? Here are 20 awesome Halloween wreath ideas, from funky to elegant, spooky to sweet!

Wreaths for Halloween

I love putting together a list of my favorite seasonal wreaths (St Patricks Day! Easter! Valentines Day!!) that I see on Pinterest. I love to see the variety of styles and techniques, and it always gives me lots of great ideas for future wreaths!

Halloween Wreath Trends

For Halloween this year, I saw lots of spooky crows, spiders, snakes, eyeballs and sugar skulls. Oh my!

I also loved some of the more minimal wreaths for Halloween, with simple lines and a dramatic focus.

Wreaths for Halloween

Of course I’ll start the list with my two Halloween wreaths. Yes, two. I change them out randomly, much to the amusement of my kids and neighbors, lol. My Easy Spiderweb Wreath is made in minutes, I bet you already have the supplies to make it.

And my creepy black rose wreath is a spookily elegant wreath for Halloween!

Spooky and Fun DIY Wreaths for Halloween

Here are 20 awesome Halloween wreaths, from the creepy crawly to the bright and festive!

I’d love to see the Halloween Wreath YOU make! Tag me @thehowtomom on IG or use #thehowtomomwreaths.

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